Today I will be live blogging from the InCite 2017 Conference in Durham, NC.  InCite is about equipping you, whether a church or marketplace Leader, to lead without limits!

Injoy Stewardship Solutions has dispatched me to attend this amazing event as a way to invest in your growth.  They also want to invest in your leadership by offering you our latest FREE ebook Breaking The Next Growth Barrier: 10 Things Pastors Can Do To Break Down Growth Barriers by clicking HERE for your complimentary copy.

The morning’s first speaker was the incomparable Derwin Gray.  Derwin is a man I admire greatly, a former NFL football player, and the founding and lead pastor of Transformation Church (TC), one of the fastest-growing churches in America.  Most importantly, Derwin absolutely LOVES Jesus Christ!!!  TC is a multiethnic, multi-generational, mission-shaped community with campuses near Charlotte, NC.

The following are 42 servanthood quotes I captured from Pastor Derwin’s amazing session.  I have two words – GET READY:

  1. Whenever a bio is read it reminds me of God’s grace.
  2. It still humbles me God allows me to preach God’s grace.
  3. Pastoral arrogance is spiritual insanity.
  4. It’s Jesus’s message. It’s the Holy Spirit’s gifts.  It’s God’s family.
  5. Arrogance should be turned into adulation.
  6. My fear is we’re playing the wrong game and thinking we’re successful.
  7. We’re playing the B’s which define success. Budget, Buildings, Butts.
  8. The only dream I have seen Jesus fulfill is, “Take up your cross and follow me.”
  9. Most big churches are in suburbs and fast-growing churches.
  10. A large church in a community with 6 million people is a flea on an elephant’s butt.
  11. A success is a cruciformed life which produces a transformed life for the glory of God.
  12. We need to lose word “leader” and choose “servant”.
  13. Individual salvation only exists so God can have a family.
  14. God wants so much more than a personal relationship with people.
  15. Jesus said, “Here’s my blood shed for a covenant.”
  16. That family has a mission. That family has a belonging and that is the glory of God.
  17. I would rather have 50 who exist for the glory of God than 5000 who exist for their own glory.
  18. Can you imagine a Jew sitting down with a Roman who suppressed them? That’s the Gospel.
  19. “In Christ” is a small phrase with gigantic implications.
  20. The first place to start with success is you are inexplicably woven in Christ Jesus.
  21. I disagree with Tina Turner. Love is not a second-hand emotion.  Love is everything.
  22. Love is not about getting. Love is about giving.
  23. A successful life is a life of humility for the glory of God.
  24. We have to be careful of idolatrizing gifted people.
  25. My life matters because of the ripple effects it has.
  26. We can become very prideful in our humility.
  27. The staff and myself park the furthest away from our church building. We do this as a statement of our leadership.
  28. Be careful with titles and rankings because we can let that fill a void in our life.
  29. I know the bankruptcy of a title without Jesus.
  30. At the end of our covenant class, we wash the feet of our members.
  31. Your congregation does not exist for your vision.
  32. I didn’t plant a church. Jesus planted a church and we are a ripple effect of His tsunami of grace.
  33. I meet a lot of pastors who are CEOs of Jesus and sell a product of His Gospel.
  34. Did Jesus not die for all people?
  35. Integrity – you are whole. Your words match your actions.  I don’t want the best of my life to be the 40 minutes I’m preaching.  I want my best sermon to be how I love my wife, my children, and the people of Transformation Church.
  36. A successful life is a life of sacrifice for the glory of God.
  37. Sacrificing for the Kingdom does not mean sacrificing your family and personal health.
  38. If you’re married your first congregation is your wife.
  39. Guys, you can buy roses on days you’re not supposed to.
  40. We as Christians will protest all kinds of things but I have not seen protests for gluttony. There would not be enough cardboard.
  41. Let the content of your life be that which you speak of.
  42. Bow your knee to Jesus and let Him define success for you.

Next up is Perry Noble!  Buckle your seat belts!


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