Today I saw War For The Planet Of The Apes.  I’m torn.  The make-up, cinematography, and acting, especially the performance of Andy Serkis as Caesar, is magnificent.  Unfortunately, the story drags on in places and is, well often boring.  Too much time was spent tracking the Colonel and in a concentration camp.  In fact, maybe it was the result of some travel challenges I had on Saturday, but I briefly fell asleep.  Once again, it could just be me.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

In this movie, Caesar basically plays the role of Moses.  He leads his people out of bondage, through the desert and into the promised land.  SPOILER ALERT – and he also does not get to enter the promised land but will become a legendary figure.

There is one GD during the climatic battle scene.  This movie is simply a tour de force for Andy Serkis.  Hugh Jackman in Logan is still my Oscar favorite but Serkis should be nominated.  If you want to see an iconic acting performance, then see this movie.

The following are 15 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From War For The Planet Of The Apes:

  1. Great Leaders Protect Their Teams – Caesar said, “Koba started this war.  I fight only to protect apes.”
  2. There Are Costs All Successful Leaders Must Be Willing To Pay – Because of Caesar’s influence and position, it resulted in his wife and son being killed by the Colonel.
  3. If You Want To Travel Fast Travel Alone.  If You Want To Travel Far You Will Need A Team. – Caesar set out alone to gain revenge on the Colonel.  However, some of his most loyal allies joined him on the journey.
  4. Great Communicators Make Memorable Statements – Caesar gave his memorable quote several times throughout the movie, “Apes together strong.”
  5. Great Leaders Protect Those Who Cannot Protect Themselves – After finding an orphaned girl, Caesar told Maurice, “We can’t take her Maurice.”  To which he replied, “I know but I can’t leave her alone.”
  6. Great Leaders Have A Sole Focus – Caesar had one objective throughout the movie – find and kill the Colonel.  And he was willing to go alone if he had to.
  7. Great Leaders Leave A Great Legacy – Caesar said, “This is my fight. I may not make it back. Make sure my son knows who his father was.”
  8. One Person’s Character Does Not Determine Yours – Caesar told the Colonel, “I did not start this war. I offered you peace. I showed you mercy. But now you’re here. To finish us off… for good.”
  9. Great Leaders Give Their People Courage – While imprisoned in a concentration camp, Caesar gave the other apes the courage to quit being slaves.
  10. Great Leaders Make Great Sacrifices For Their Teams – After stopping their work, the Colonel began flogging a random ape as punishment.  Caesar then stepped in and took the flogging on behalf of the ape under his leadership.
  11. Great Leaders Meet Their Team’s Basic Needs – Caesar requested of the Colonel, “Apes need food and water.”
  12. Great Leaders Give People An Ethos, Culture and Identity – With Caesar facing death, the other apes all gave him the sign “Apes Together Strong!”  Leadership and vision had been transferred.
  13. Great Leaders Must Pace Themselves To Have Something Left After Achieving Success – Did you know more people dying coming down after ascending Mount Everest than climbing it?  The principle is many leaders give everything they have for a task and have nothing left afterwards.  After freeing the apes and getting them to their final home in the desert, Caesar died.
  14. There Is No Success Without Succession – Caesar’s final words were “Apes are strong with or without me.”
  15. Do Not Prioritize Work Over Family – Caesar died with his right-hand ape Maurice beside him rather than his family.  Poor choice.

Let me know your thoughts.


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