McDonald’s is making a comeback!  Not that they ever left.  In the July 26th edition of the USA Today, Nathan Bomey wrote an article for the paper’s Money section detailing the causes for the restaurant’s rising sales, 2nd quarter profits, and increased foot traffic.  He cited $1 any-size soft-drinks, a new line of healthy sandwiches, and better ambiance.  CEO Steve Easterbrook said, “We’re providing an experience that’s more personal and less stressful….(the focus) remains growing guest counts by serving more customers more often.”  These changes are just the beginning.  The franchise chain is now looking at digital ordering and Uber food delivery.

McDonald’s is willing to change and the company is winning.  The question for pastors and church leaders is are you willing to change as well to start seeing improved results?  If so, this week’s Top 10 list is for you.  Many of the posts deal with changing your communication style, changing your approach, changing your perspective, and changing staff.   Make sure you check out each one!

The following are also some of this site’s top posts from last week which you may have missed:

Now as promised, the following are The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of July 24th:

  1. The Simple Mistake Public Speakers (And Pastors) Often Make. by Jon Acuff
  2. 7 Lessons From A Senior Pastor Succession Plan That Worked by Paul Alexander
  3. Do These 8 Steps When Church Launches A New Series by Rich Birch
  4. Are Your Best Days Behind You? by Kurt Bubna
  5. The Game-Changing Power Of Leadership Intelligence by Scott Cochrane
  6. The Truth About Using Ghostwriters For Christian Books by Phil Cooke
  7. 34 Reasons My Middle Schooler Might Be Freaking Out by Kristin Ivy via
  8. 7 Reasons To Think As A Missionary To Evangelize North America by Chuck Lawless
  9. 7 Ideas To Help Your Kids Grow Spiritually by Joshua Reich
  10. 3 Strategies Of Doing Less So You Can Do More by Chris Vacher
  11. ***BONUS*** The Irreducibles: My 10 Strongest Sermons by Pastor Joe McKeever

Well that is my Top 10 for the week.  What other great articles did you read?


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