The following are 2017 NFL Hall Of Fame Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones:

  1. I hope there’s some Cowboys fans here.
  2. I felt like a freshman walk-on in a room full of All-Americans. (first owners meeting)
  3. As a young man I chased prosperity.
  4. Games are won in the fourth quarter, when you’re tired.
  5. Your desire to win must be stronger than the man in front of you.
  6. Keep on keeping on.
  7. There wasn’t much money in coaching.
  8. Football stayed with me.  I talked about it all the time.  I daydreamed about it.  I aspired to be in the NFL.
  9. The team, the Dallas Cowboys, was losing $1 million cash a month (when they were for sale).
  10. The first order of business was to install the people I wanted to be part of the Dallas Cowboys.
  11. Tom Landry was and still is the Dallas Cowboys.
  12. I couldn’t build the Cowboys if not for the shoulders I stood on.
  13. I wanted someone I knew.  I wanted someone I knew well.  I wanted someone that could get it done to be our coach.  I wanted Jimmy Johnson.
  14. We had the worst team in the NFL so we got to pick first in the draft.  We were so lucky to be so bad.  Lucky because that first choice was a no-brainer.  It was Troy Aikman.
  15. Herschel did not have to accept the trade to Minnesota for the draft picks that rebuilt the Dallas Cowboys.
  16. It’s a long flight when you don’t say anything from Tokyo, Japan to Dallas, TX.
  17. Winning the Super Bowl will always be special.  Football changes lives like that.
  18. Barry Switzer walked into a hornet’s nest and never flinched.
  19. I was always thinking about how to take it to the next level, how to make it better.
  20. No quarterback was asked to carry more for his team in Cowboys history than Tony Romo.
  21. The greatest joy I’ve ever had in my life has to be the opportunity to work with my sons Stephen and Jerry and my daughter Charlotte.
  22. The opportunity to work on a daily basis with people who share your name, your genetics is a blessing.  I get credit for their ideas.
  23. My family – you’re always there.
  24. There are no excuses for failing.
  25. Michael Irvin taught me to smile in the face of adversity.
  26. I burned the boats.  It wouldn’t about getting it done.  It was about getting it done yesterday.
  27. Looking back on the memory our lives really are better left to chance.  I could have missed the pain but I would have had to miss the dance.
  28. We got here with the love of football and the love of family.

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