The final speaker is Kurt Warner.  This two-time NFL MVP and 1999 Super Bowl champion has one of the greatest rags-to-riches stories in league history.  There are also few finer men to enter the Hall and his Christian impact has been felt around the world.

The following are 2017 NFL Hall Of Fame Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Kurt Warner:

  1. Those pinnacle milestones on the field were simply byproducts of the moments that laid the foundation of the man who stands here this evening.
  2. My greatest asks were for my father’s time.
  3. The greatest gift any parent can give their child is saying “Yes” to spending time with them.
  4. The greatest weaknesses can become your greatest strengths.
  5. Excellence is a mindset to be practiced every minute of every day in everything I did.
  6. In the midst of my greatest struggle God delivered my greatest blessing.
  7. Sometimes you got to do what you got to while you wait for what you were born to do.
  8. No great accomplishment is ever accomplished by yourself.  It is contingent and it always starts with someone taking a chance on you.
  9. The reason you made this team is because I feel there is something special about you. – Dick Vermeil
  10. Moments matter…Don’t miss your moments.
  11. We’re not all promised the same things in life.  Life’s not fair.
  12. I stand here tonight because of what I did with the moments I was given.
  13. Seize your moments.
  14. With Him the impossible becomes possible.
  15. Thank you Jesus!

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