The fundamentals of leadership never change.  Be servant leader.  Build a great team.  Develop trust.  Leverage influence for the good of others.  Be generous.  Construct and cast compelling vision and many, many other practices you are probably very familiar with.

However, I have noticed the expressions and nuances of leadership are continually changing.  The reason for this is because people and circumstances are constantly changing.  Nimbleness is necessary because people cannot be put in a box.  Curiosity is required.  Change is a constant.  Critical thinking is a must.  Leaders must keep their fundamentals and core values but everything else must be continually re-evaluated for effectiveness.

Because of this I am noticing 5 Current Practices Of The Best Leaders I Am Working With:

  1. The Best Leaders Honor The Past But Are Not Held Captive By It – Successful leaders build on the past but do not dwell on it.  They learn from both their past successes and failures.  However, success does not result in complacency but rather serves as an inspiration to continue growing and moving forward.  Failures are not crippling but rather viewed as opportunities to learn and improve.   Smart leaders can look both forward and backward simultaneously.  This leads to point #2.
  2. The Best Leaders Are People Of Movement – Leadership is about movement and advancement.  By its very definition leadership is about taking people and organizations somewhere.  Paralysis by analysis is crippling many leaders.  In the Christian world, “let’s make this a matter of prayer” or “we don’t want to get ahead of God” is often camouflage for stalling or not wanting to make hard decisions.  The best leaders are decisive which allows them to always be taking new ground.  This leads to point #3.
  3. The Best Leaders Recognize Momentum And Windows Of Opportunity – Successful leaders sense opportunity and seize it.  They know the value of momentum.  Successful leaders do not waste it.  But once momentum is lost, many leaders do not know how to regain it.  It is one of your most precious commodities.  This leads to point #4.
  4. The Best Leaders Position Others To Win – Once they begin taking advantage of “Windows Of Opportunity”, the best leaders position the people they serve for optimum success.  Successful leaders keep people out of harm’s way.  They make things easier for them.  Barriers are broken down and roadblocks to their success are removed.  The best leaders provide resources, connections and train for competencies which give their teams a running start.  This is more than “helping people get better” or “adding value to their lives”.  This is beyond that.  The best leaders are helping their people win.
  5. The Best Leaders Know The Difference Between Who They Are And What They Do – They are not defined by their jobs.  The most successful leaders live truly balanced lives.  Perspective is a friend to the best leaders.  They see a bigger picture.  Family and deep, meaningful relationships are their top priorities.  They are emotionally healthy and not easily rattled.  The most successful leaders are driven by meaning and purpose but they can ultimately, one day, walk away when the time comes.  And when they do, their spouse and immediate family will be waiting for them.

What are some practices you are seeing in the best leaders?


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