Tonight was the opening of the 2017 Global Leadership Summit.  It is the annual gathering of over 400,000 leaders across the globe.  The feed went down about 40 minutes in but I did capture the following quotes:

The following are 17 Quotes From The Opening Night Of The 2017 Global Leadership Summit:

Pre-Service Speech

  • Everyone has influence and leadership is influence.
  • Each of you here bring your own story, a grander vision.

Gary Schwammlein

  • Did my life matter? Did I leave a legacy and what is it?
  • Lord I will go wherever you want me to go.
  • “Gary’s passion level is higher than any other leader I’ve ever worked with in my life.” – Bill Hybels
  • If there’s no impact, why do anything?
  • When history is written there will be a chapter about the WCA and its impact on the local church.

Rony Madrid

  • Your influence, great or small, will be measured by its life’s reach.
  • Your small daily decisions add up. They leave a trail for people to follow.

Bill Hybels

  • The kindest form of management is the truth.
  • When you feel the power of God use your life to touch one other life.
  • There is a certain group of people entrusted with the spiritual gift of leadership.
  • Those of us who have it have to steward it and develop it.
  • We are called to fire up people to take their stand for renewal and redemption of this world.
  • Willow Creek, I cannot thank you enough.  You give to the cause of leadership development.
  • You believe leadership matters and you continue to give.
  • Every 43rd person you see on the planet is Nigerian.


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