It has been said, “Creativity is the art of concealing your source.”  In other words, very few ideas are actually new.  Most of our learnings have either been stimulated or directly come from others.  Well, I want to reveal my sources.  This week’s Top 10 list features a number of leaders I have learned a tremendous amount from.  I want to share their insights with you.

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The following are also some of this site’s top posts from last week which you may have missed:

Now as promised, the following are The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of August 28th:

  1. 5 Things I Control As A Senior Leader by Ron Edmondson
  2. The Key To Championship Level Teams by Tim Elmore by
  3. Little Known Ways To Handle Conflict Well by Margaret Feinberg
  4. Potential Is A Dangerous Word by Shawn Lovejoy via
  5. The Seven Worst Things That Speakers Do To Sabotage Themselves And Their Careers by Dr. Nick Morgan via
  6. 5 Good Reasons A Church Should Close by Carey Nieuwhof
  7. The #1 Thing That Should Keep Leaders Up At Night by Skip Prichard
  8. How Do Older Leaders Follow Young Leaders? by Dan Reiland
  9. How Experienced Leaders Become Stagnant And Mediocre by Dan Rockwell
  10. When Pastors Misplace Their Identity: 10 Probing Questions by Charles Stone
  11. ***Bonus*** 4 Lies That Cause Pastors To Neglect Their Families by Jamie Owens

Well that is my Top 10 for the week.  What other great articles did you read?

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