Yes, football season is upon which means it is time to learn from some of the world’s greatest leaders.  With the launch of college football seasons, the ESPN pregame shows provided us some incredible insights.

The following are 15 Leadership Lessons From Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Jimbo Fisher and Others from College Football’s Opening Weekend:

ESPN College Gameday Thursday, August 31st

  1. How Leaders Evaluate Losses – “You think of all the games you didn’t have success in and what you could have done differently to maybe create a better opportunity for yourself.” – Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban
  2. Life Is Bigger Than Anyone One Game – “Don’t let one game define you.” – Saban to his team after the loss to Clemson
  3. “You can’t waste a failure.” – Saban.  For more on this topic click “Let’s Don’t Waste The Failure” And 29 More Leadership Lessons From Nick Saban
  4. Great Leaders Do The Right Things – “You want the people involved in winning the game doing the right things.” – Saban
  5. Great Leaders Never Confuse Activity With Accomplishment – “Our job is to win championships.  We have to do a better job at that.” – Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer
  6. Talent Is Never Enough – “If you game into a game and the talent is equated, you better go in at full capacity.” – Meyer
  7. Great Leaders Weed Out People Not Committed To Excellence – “If you want to win and you want to get better, this (Ohio State) is a good place for you.” – Meyer

ESPN College Gameday Saturday, September 2nd

  1. Big Moments Require Great Focus – “Can the players stay in the moment?  Can the players focus on the things on the things they need to focus on?” – Saban on playing against Florida State
  2. “Do they have the will to win?  Everybody wants to make the play.  Everybody wants to win when you come out of the tunnel.  But in football you have to play 25 plays in a row.  The play doesn’t care who makes the play.  The play has to come to you.  (As a) receiver, you have to run fast 25 times.  You might not get the ball ’til the 26th time.  Who has the will to not get frustrated, to own their own mind to persevere to win the game?” – Saban
  3. People Are A Picture Of The Leader – “If your quarterback’s not tough it’s hard for your team to be tough.” – Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher
  4. Depth And Fundamentals Are Necessary Ingredients For Success – “Both teams have difference-makers at all three levels on the defensive side of the football..guys that can change the game…At the end of the day, it’s mastering the basics.” – Fisher on what it takes to win tonight’s game
  5. “If you’re assistant coaches are more important than your head coach, that’s a problem.” – Rece Davis
  6. A Great Leader Will Not Be Successful Unless He/She Is Surrounded By Other Great Leaders – “Jim McElwain, we can point the finger all we want at him.  Where’s the leadership internally?..Clearly at Florida they don’t have any leadership or they wouldn’t have 10 guys suspended for the first game.” – Kirk Herbstreit on the Florida head coach
  7. You Never Have To Recover From A Great Start – “Your September is just as valuable as your November and December.” – USC head coach Clay Helton
  8. ***BEWARE*** Do Not Be Confused.  For Many People Results Are All That Matter – “I don’t care what you feel like.  Maryland doesn’t care what you feel like.  Our fans don’t care what you feel like.  You got a job to do.” – Texas head coach Tom Herman

What is one lesson you learned from these great leaders which will make you a better leader?

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