Today I will be live blogging from the Orange One-Day in Atlanta, GA.  Orange is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to influence those who influence the next generation. Orange provides resources and training for churches and organizations that create environments for parents, kids and teenagers.

Injoy Stewardship Solutions has dispatched me to attend this amazing event as a way to invest in my personal growth.  They also want to invest in your leadership by offering you our latest FREE download of the 5 Financial Documents Every Church Needs.  Click HERE for your complimentary copy.

Today’s final speaker was Stuart Hall.  Stuart provides vision and leadership for two highly effective organizations (Orange& V21).  He deeply desires to develop spiritually influential student leaders that engage culture.  The following are 26 leadership quotes I captured from his challenging session:

  1. The value of this event is that there is gold sitting around you.
  2. “We can rebuild your home. We cannot rebuild your life.” – Florida Governor Rick Scott
  3. We can get distracted about what matters most. People in Florida are staying there because of their stuff.
  4. It is easy for any leaders or parent to get distracted about what matters most when it comes to raising a generation.
  5. Who taught the Good Samaritan to be good?
  6. What would happen if we decided to make it priority as leaders ro raise kids to do what Jesus said matters most?
  7. Many of the people I was around who put the highest priority to be theologically correct were the most arrogant people to be around. Maybe the highest priority is to raise children who just love Jesus.
  8. What if our calling is simply to raise kids that love God in such a way they act like Good Samaritans?
  9. The Gospel pushes us to raising Good Samaritans.
  10. Any style of ministry that minimizes what Jesus maximized sets up a generation to become disillusioned with the church.
  11. The result of what’s happening now in the church is a result what’s happened over the last 20 years, not what’s happening now.
  12. Most of us are much better teaching kids what to believe than we are at coaching kids how to serve.
  13. What if we started acting life what a kid does can actually affect what a kid believes?
  14. Kids and students will understand more about God when they do what God created them to do. This reflects who Jesus is.
  15. It’s easier to teach students what to believe than it is to coach them how to serve.
  16. The way we measure success is fannies in the seats and dunks and sprinkles. It’s not how many students are loving their neighbors as themselves.
  17. Anything crisp and easy is not relational.
  18. For many in ministry, they think it’s about “What’s next?” rather than “What are we going to do next?”
  19. The most evangelical thing we can do as student leaders is give students somewhere to serve.
  20. Convince every adult that service is discipleship.
  21. Give every kid at every phase something significant to do.
  22. Make service a priority on the calendar.
  23. Create practical entry points and easy wins.
  24. Develop a training model.
  25. Model service everywhere. If you’re an adult, how do you interact, treat and serve other adults.  Students are catching that.  How do you as a staff member treat, love and respect other staff members.
  26. Leverage groups to champion service.

Orange One-Day is such an incredible event!  The content is so rich and applicable.  I cannot recommend all the Orange and ReThink events enough to pastors and church leaders!

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