Today I will be live blogging from the Orange One-Day in Atlanta, GA.  Orange is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to influence those who influence the next generation. Orange provides resources and training for churches and organizations that create environments for parents, kids and teenagers.

Injoy Stewardship Solutions has dispatched me to attend this amazing event as a way to invest in my personal growth.  They also want to invest in your leadership by offering you our latest FREE download of the 5 Financial Documents Every Church Needs.  Click HERE for your complimentary copy.

The morning’s first breakout session was conducted by one of my favorite people, the absolutely wonderful Jeff Henderson.  As usual, the pastor of Gwinnett Church inspired and encouraged us.  The following are 35 Leadership Quotes on leading our churches to love our communities:

  1. The biggest different between Chick-Fil-A and North Point is I’m open on Sundays.
  2. People think when you’re a small business owner you’re making a million dollars.
  3. The best way you can do is run a thriving difference in our county. We don’t want you to promote our church.  We want to promote you. – Jeff to a small business owner
  4. What can happen in a church is you can become so focused within the four walls of the church is you forget people outside the church.
  5. The most famous Bible verse starts with “For”. We get to tell people, “God is For you.”
  6. We have to see the potential of people currently not in our church and go to them.
  7. I want to own a space in the land of possibility and lease a space in the land of reality.
  8. Many people think the church is against them and not for them so they walk away.
  9. Possibility thinking makes you think of the craziest ideas.
  10. It’s not us waiting on people who don’t attend our church. It’s about going to them.
  11. What do we want to be known for?
  12. #ForGwinnett has created common ground.
  13. Jesus built common ground.
  14. How to Be For Your Neighbor:
  15. Edit to Amplify. Every ministry has messaging.  This is fragmented marketing which waters down your message.  Have one primary message.
  16. Edit means you have to hit the Delete button.
  17. Typically the Best Picture wins the Best Editing.
  18. Equip the Vision Carriers. What message are you giving them and equipping them to carry forward?
  19. To equip them, they must understand the message. The less words the better.
  20. Leaders are repeaters.
  21. We want to outsmart them, not outspend them.
  22. How long will we be doing #ForGwinnett? From my perspective, until Jesus comes back.
  23. T-shirts spread the message.
  24. Don’t let money be your excuse. That is not a viable excuse.  Go find the money.
  25. Cast your vision and then say, “Will you help me?” Then you have to be quiet and let the awkward silence.
  26. Pay It Backwards.
  27. For Gwinnett does not say anything about our church. That’s by design.
  28. Like Instagram or Facebook posts.
  29. 9% of our posts are about what’s happening inside the church walls. We need to be posting about what’s happening in our community.
  30. Most social media is one-way communication. We need to get back as churches to a dialogue.
  31. Highlight and support businesses. The business world and church world historically don’t talk to each other.
  32. Raise money for a local non-profit.
  33. Small groups called Groups For Gwinnett go out and serve the community.
  34. Engage the next generation.
  35. Support and participate in community events.

As mentioned above, click HERE or on the image provided to download the 5 Financial Documents Every Church Needs.

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