As a member of the Catalyst Blog Team and INJOY Stewardship SolutionsI will be bringing you live updates from the much anticipated Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA.  The theme for this year’s conference is Of Good Courage.

The afternoon’s next speaker was Katie Davis Majors.  Katie is the author of the wonderful book Kisses From Katie.  As the founder of Amazima Ministries, she continued to educate and empower the people of Uganda with God’s love.  This young lady is the mother of 13 girls and one baby boy!

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The following are 15 Leadership Quotes and Lessons from her inspirational session:

  1. “I didn’t care what I should do or could do. I just did.”
  2. “Jesus has replaced my optimism with a true hope.”
  3. “He has replaced silly boldness with something resembling true boldness, a boldness that can only come from Him.”
  4. “He didn’t need me. I needed Him.”
  5. “He grew me in surrender – a laying down of my plans and my dreams.”
  6. “When God didn’t give me what I wanted, He gave me Himself. And that gave me courage.”
  7. “Courage is trusting God when we don’t know what’s next.”
  8. “Abraham’s courage was in his surrender.”
  9. “God will be enough because He will provide Himself.”
  10. “The only courageous thing we can do is surrender our plans and dreams to His.”
  11. “I had my plans for how I was going to change Uganda but God had a plan to change me.”
  12. “God Himself is the great reward.”
  13. “It isn’t our fame or recognition. It isn’t our success or failure.  The greatest that He gives you and me is Himself – our very great reward.”
  14. “God has called each one of you to something big and it’s going to take great courage.”
  15. “Could it be He doesn’t want your leadership skills or organization as much as He wants you?”

Great session!  The day’s final speaker will be Daniel Pink.

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