As a member of the Catalyst Blog Team and INJOY Stewardship SolutionsI will be bringing you live updates from the much anticipated Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA.  The theme for this year’s conference is Of Good Courage.

Next up was Jeremy Courtney.  Jeremy is the founder and CEO of Preemptive Love Coalition, a “first in last to leave” community of peacemakers who provide front lines relief and long-term relief and development in Iraq, Syria and other areas of polarizing conflict.  He is the author of Preemptive Love: Pursuing Peace One Heart At A Time.

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The following are 21 Leadership Quotes and Lessons from his challenging session:

  1. “We were blessed to grow up in an environment where we were taught to count the costs.”
  2. “Many of us are not preaching to come and die.”
  3. “The way to true life is to give your life away.”
  4. “We frame up a lot of our problems as ‘Those people over there.’”
  5. “One small step at a time leading into destruction has allowed us to gain territory.”
  6. “In the big aid industry you’re trained to see problems, not people.”
  7. “We see people not problems. Therefore, we do things that don’t scale.”
  8. “Big aid is setup to be risk averse.”
  9. “When you’re first, it’s often about food and medicine. People are starving.”
  10. “Handouts are not going to solve this problem.”
  11. “If we want to make lasting impact, we’ve got to stick around.”
  12. “Build trust by staying around while everyone else is running away.”
  13. “I want to love first and ask questions later.”
  14. “Naivety is a blessing. God bless the naïve because we do things we would have never done.”
  15. “Love first hasn’t really aged well. Most of us retreat to safe positions.”
  16. “When the world is scaring as all getout, are we going to love anyway?”
  17. “Stop talking and take a step towards the thing that scares you the most.”
  18. “Fear is always with us. I’ve just moved it to the passenger seat and not the driver seat.”
  19. “If you’re not going to love your enemy, don’t cheer me on.”
  20. “Are you going to lose your life? Well hopefully you already have.”
  21. “We move forward to love our enemies. It is the only thing that undoes violence.”

The event is off to an incredible start.  Next up is Bob Goff!

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