As a member of the Catalyst Blog Team and INJOY Stewardship SolutionsI will be bringing you live updates from the much anticipated Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA.  The theme for this year’s conference is Of Good Courage.

As is their custom, Catalyst opened up the conference with Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor of North Point Community Church.  He is also the author of such noted books as Deep and Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love To Attend and Next Generation Leader: 5 Essentials For Those Who Will Shape The Future.  Andy spoke on the subject of courage.  As usual, Andy nailed it!

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The following are 37 Leadership Quotes and Lessons from his incredible session:

  1. “Jesus promised to build His church. He did not promise to parent your children.  Pastors, don’t give up the role given to you for something that will one day be led by someone other than you.”
  2. “I hope you will one day have that relationship with your adult children…Whatever sacrifice you have to make, it is worth it.”
  3. “A single act of courage is often the catalyst for extraordinary.”
  4. “If we knew the outcome it wouldn’t take courage.”
  5. “God can handle the giant. God just needs a volunteer.”
  6. “In a mainline church sometimes it feels more like flatline than mainline.”
  7. “A Catalyst Leader loves the local church and has a passion for its success.”
  8. “Leaders rarely regret the risks they took. They always regret the opportunities they missed.”
  9. “You do not want to look back and wonder what God might have done if you would have had courage.”
  10. “The courage to stay when it would be easier to leave.”
  11. “If you run now, you may never stop running.” – Dr. Charles Stanley
  12. “If you know the end of the story that doesn’t take courage. That takes common sense.”
  13. “You have no idea what hangs in the balance of your decision to stay.”
  14. “Finding the courage to leave when it would be easier to stay.”
  15. “You are accountable for what you know.”
  16. “What if we didn’t leave?” – Sandra to Andy during a North Point baptism service
  17. “The courage to get help when it would be easier to pretend. This is every man’s story.  Secrets are dangerous.”
  18. “You lead with a limp (when you have a secret). The people who know you best know something’s up.”
  19. “The sharpest people know the most and the sharpest people are going to leave (when you have a secret).”
  20. “You should fear the consequences of concealment more than the consequences of confession.”
  21. “In your weakness is His strength but His strength is only available when we open our hands and share our secret.”
  22. “Humility is liberating.”
  23. “The courage to submit when it would be easier to power up.”
  24. “One of my biggest is my ridiculous crazy model that ‘I’m the guy and God speaks to me and I have this pyramid of power and everyone submits to me.”
  25. “You are not the smartest person in your organization. You’re just the leader.  If you are the smartest person in your organization you are not a very good leader.”
  26. “If you can’t take ‘No’ for an answer, you are a sorry leader.”
  27. “Humility is an invitation for God to do extraordinary things.”
  28. “If you don’t learn you’re not much of a leader.”
  29. “If you have a hard time submitting to your Board, you have work to do.”
  30. “Great leaders don’t make all the decisions. Great leaders make sure all the decisions are great.”
  31. “I’m the boss but I’m not the smartest person in the room. I look smarter than I am because I’m not the smartest person in the room.”
  32. “If you’re not out-voted every now and then you might be doing something wrong.”
  33. “The most courageous decision our organization ever made was doing simultaneous capital campaigns for two new campuses.”
  34. “We should all fear looking back and wondering what might have been if you had trusted and obeyed.”
  35. “What story do you want to tell?”
  36. “Why would I need to give in to fear? The battle is the Lord’s!”
  37. “I would rather fail in the center of God’s will than look back and wonder what would have happened if I would have trusted and obeyed.”

The event is off to an incredible start.  Next up is Jeremy Courtney and Bob Goff!

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