As a member of the Catalyst Blog Team and INJOY Stewardship SolutionsI will be bringing you live updates from the much anticipated Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA.  The theme for this year’s conference is Of Good Courage.

The afternoon’s final speaker for Catalyst was the legendary Willow Creek Community Church senior pastor Bill Hybels.  What made this session unique was he was interviewed by Andy Stanley. This was a historic meeting between two of the most influential Christian leaders of my lifetime.

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The following are 38 Leadership Quotes and Lessons from his challenging session:

  1. “The leaders don’t leave.” – AS
  2. “I have two heroes of the faith – my father and Bill Hybels.” – AS
  3. “We are the settlers. You are the pioneer.” – AS
  4. “Courageous leadership is doing God’s bidding resolutely, humbly, and enduring whatever comes your way.” – BH
  5. “Courageous is not being bull-headed.” – BH
  6. “I came out of a legalist church that wound up dying.” – BH
  7. “By the time I was 21 I knew what money could not buy.” – BH
  8. “I had three or four friends who I wanted to see come to Christ so badly, I knew they would never go to a normal church… Let’s design a church these three or four friends would find enjoyable, more creative, and would attract these friends of mine.” – BH
  9. “We designed the whole format of Willow with these friends in mind.” – BH
  10. “You designed Willow with the customer in mind.” – AS
  11. “I feel sad if you are not in relationship with a half-dozen whose spiritual condition does not break your heart.” – BH
  12. “If your heart is working right, we ought to look at them as Christ would look at them.” – BH
  13. “Having friends who are far from God has driven our vision, driven our programming for 42 years.” – BH
  14. “Lost people matter to God and ought to matter to us and we need a strategy. Just don’t let your heart get cold to people who have lost their way.” – BH
  15. “If your heart is soft toward people who are far from God, God is going to use your life in an incredible way.” – BH
  16. “The local church is a partner with the person who has a friend who is far from God.” – AS
  17. “I see a lot of modern churches, cool churches. I listen to so many pastors and they’ve just created churches for church people.” – AS
  18. “The newer churches are becoming strangely insular to me.” – BH
  19. “I’m seeing eight worship songs, a lot of perspiration with the Bible, but few baptisms and addictions being broken.” – BH
  20. “God has been whispering to people exactly what role He wants them to play in fixing things in this world.” – BH
  21. “I am a maniacal journaler.” – BH
  22. “The Kingdom of God needs someone just like you – a sane communicator, late at night, just like you.” – BH to AS
  23. “Visions are fragile and holy things. When one comes please be careful.” – BH
  24. “I always had a healthy devotional life because I watched my dad.” – AS
  25. “I have never gotten a vision or prompting from God going 200 mph.” – BH
  26. “If I don’t slow the ambient noise I can go weeks or months cranking out ministry and not hearing from God.” – BH
  27. “Those of us who are public, if we don’t do secret acts of kindness our hearts get corrupted.” – BH
  28. “I write out my prayers to God because it requires attentiveness. For 25 years now, I write out my prayers to God longhand and then get on my knees and read them out loud to Him.  It’s embarrassing.  I ought to be able to focus on the One who loves me the most.  My mind just runs too fast.” – BH
  29. “You’re not trying to find a formula. You’re trying to connect with God.” – BH
  30. “You don’t go the distance in ministry by making the right decisions or build something big. You go the distance because every day you refocus and re-center.” – AS
  31. “The most important thing in the world is your personal, intimate time with Jesus Christ.” – AS quoting Charles Stanley
  32. “God is strong enough through you to tell the truth. You don’t have to jack it up.” – BH on embellishing
  33. “I need to be a person of verbal precision.” – BH
  34. “We do subscribe to an infallible Word of God.” – BH
  35. “You have to be immovable when everyone else is choosing an easier path.” – BH
  36. “This needs to be an abounding day.” – BH
  37. “Your work is never in vain if you’re doing something for Christ.” – BH
  38. “Nothing you do for God is in vain.” – BH

What an incredible two days!  This has been an amazing event!

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