As a member of the Catalyst Blog Team and INJOY Stewardship SolutionsI will be bringing you live updates from the much anticipated Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA.  The theme for this year’s conference is Of Good Courage.

Catalyst changed things up a little bit.  Andy Stanley normally closes out Catalyst but this year he was the day’s speaker was Andy Stanley.  Andy shared more of his thoughts on what great leaders do.

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The following are 42 Leadership Quotes and Lessons from his challenging session:

  1. “Great leaders always ask great questions. Great leaders are not afraid to surround themselves with people who ask great questions.”
  2. “You can lead people through the questions you ask if you become strategic with the questions you ask.”
  3. “Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say.”
  4. “Questions reveal values.”
  5. “The questions that you ask over and over and over reveal what’s most important to you.”
  6. “Questions are instructive.”
  7. “Questions reinforce values. This is the goal.”
  8. “What questions if asked repeatedly would point people in the direction of what I wanted them to do?”
  9. “I begin every meeting with this question on purpose because this is what is most important to our organization, “What happened this weekend?”
  10. “We’re not on a mission to build something big. We’re on a mission to build something significant.”
  11. “Stories and questions are the two best ways to reinforce organizational values.”
  12. “Questions reinforce behaviors.”
  13. “Make it better. What am I doing personally to help us improve organizationally?”
  14. “What would a great leader do?” – Bill Hybels
  15. “That is an irritatingly clarifying question.”
  16. “This is premier question leaders should ask. It provides instant clarity.”
  17. “Every decision you make as a leader there is emotion involved. With emotion, there is a fog.  This question removes the fog.”
  18. “This question is clarifying and terrifying.”
  19. “How would you feel on the other side of doing what a great leader would do?”
  20. “This question unmasks motives. Eventually, corporate mission will conflict with personal ambition.”
  21. “The sharp people already know who you are in this for.”
  22. “If the sharp people catch you doing something better for you than the organization, they will leave. Then you will be left with people who aren’t sharp.”
  23. “Leaders are good with camouflaging personal ambition with the language of mission and vision.”
  24. “The thing that concerns me most is the ‘honor the senior pastor’ culture.”
  25. “Loyalty did not make it as a fruit of the Spirit.”
  26. “You earn loyalty by having the fruit of the Spirit and finding your place in the Body.”
  27. “I don’t require our staff to attend our church. If our church sucks, they shouldn’t want to attend our church.”
  28. “Churches that draw your tithe from you, shame of you! How can you be a cheerful giver if you don’t have a choice?”
  29. “Entitlement for senior pastors always begins with a reserved parking spot.”
  30. “If you start thinking you’re a big shot, wash more feet.”
  31. “We should give a reserved parking spot to the children’s director. They’re doing all the work.”
  32. “This question reveals weakness. It creates tension.  If you are a leader, at some point you have to quit avoiding conflict.”
  33. “I hate conflict but what would a great leader do? They would step into the conflict.”
  34. “A great leader doesn’t avoid conflict and a great leader doesn’t doesn’t leave a body of emotionally destroyed people behind. A great leader solves problems.”
  35. “This question will inspire you to reach beyond the limits of your personality and style. Every once in a while in leadership, you have to do things that are not you.”
  36. “This question gives you a glimpse of what could be and should be for you as a leader.”
  37. “Ask it whether you plan to follow through or not.”
  38. “The best way to become a great leader is to do what a great leader would do. Once you know, you become accountable.”
  39. “God anointed me but I appointed me. Is that the story you want to tell?”
  40. “I cannot replace what God has put in place.”
  41. “Great leaders know they’re not the judge.”
  42. “What would a great father do? What would a great mother do?  What would a great husband do?  What does a great wife do?”

The morning has been incredible!  Check back after lunch for more insights from Brene Brown and Bill Hybels.

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