As a member of the Catalyst Blog Team and INJOY Stewardship SolutionsI will be bringing you live updates from the much anticipated Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA.  The theme for this year’s conference is Of Good Courage.

The day’s first speaker in the Catalyst lineup was the incomparable Christine Caine of the A21 Campaign to combat human trafficking.  She spoke on the topic of staying courageous from Joshua 5.  As my daughter would say, Straight Fire!!!

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The following are 55 Leadership Quotes and Lessons from her incredible session:

  1. “This is the kind of place where anything can happen.”
  2. “We hope to rescue the victims of human trafficking.”
  3. “I’ve been a follower of Jesus for 30 years.”
  4. “I am living proof you can start bad and end good through a relationship with Jesus Christ.”
  5. “At 51 I love Jesus more than ever.”
  6. “You want to make sure you don’t just start courageous. You want to finish courageous.”
  7. “You can grow from strength to strength.”
  8. “I don’t think I’m finished yet. I think God’s just getting started with me.”
  9. “You can ride on momentum and pretend it’s courage and do nothing for God.”
  10. “Until He comes back my job is the evangelism of the world through Jesus Christ.”
  11. “It’s one thing to tweet well and one thing to live well decade after decade after decade.”
  12. “We have to have the courage to cut away certain things.”
  13. “If we’re going to do what God has called us to do in this generation we cannot do it based upon the price paid by the previous generation.”
  14. “A lot of things that brought us here will not take us there.”
  15. “The same people that were a catalyst to where you are now may be a weight to where God wants you to be.”
  16. “I don’t know why we all have to balanced. I’ll have plenty of time to be balanced in Heaven.”
  17. “I’m not looking for a balanced life. I’m looking for a fruitful life.”
  18. “I don’t know why anyone has time to lead when you’re too busy venting on Twitter.”
  19. “You have a right to your opinion but please keep it to yourself.”
  20. “Tell me what you’ve built and then we’ll listen to you.”
  21. “Stop dreaming and start doing.”
  22. “We don’t like to use the word ‘sin’ because we might be viewed as legalistic or judgmental.”
  23. “I don’t know why people don’t want me to commit spiritual malpractice by not telling them about their sin.”
  24. “There is a cure for sin and it is the blood of Jesus Christ.”
  25. “It’s not a judgment issue it’s a freedom issue.”
  26. “As leaders, we’re a lot of times not willing to deal with other’s sin because of the sin in our own life.”
  27. “Millennials, you’re not going to get in on the price paid by my generation. Holiness and sanctification are not up for debate in the Christian church.”
  28. “We need to have the courage to heal.”
  29. “Every time God has taken me to a new level there is a new devil.”
  30. “The devil will take me out here if I don’t deal with what happened there.”
  31. “We don’t want to be healed. We want to be fixed.”
  32. “What you don’t reveal God cannot heal.”
  33. “It’s not about your gift or talent. It’s what happening on the inside.”
  34. “If your gift takes you to a place where your cannot keep you, you will fall.”
  35. “This whole deal is about Jesus.”
  36. “It’s not about great we are, it’s all about Jesus. We’ve got to remember this whole deal is about Jesus.”
  37. “Do you open your Bible? I know you opened Twitter.  I see you ranting on Twitter.  How you’re ranting on Twitter makes me think you’re not reading your Bible.”
  38. “Why don’t we stop talking ill about the Bride.”
  39. “I see a lot of people uniting around the hatred of a person rather than their love for the church.”
  40. “Our opinions are not going to change the world.”
  41. “Jesus and transformed hearts are going to change the world.”
  42. “The more I fill myself with Jesus the more Jesus does through me.”
  43. “There’s only so much worldly wisdom will do for you.”
  44. “At the end of the day you just need to be obedient to Jesus.”
  45. “I’ve not been building an idol to good works. My idol is Jesus.”
  46. “When Jesus knows He is going to get the glory, He’ll take you to places you will never be able to take yourself.”
  47. “A wilderness Christian will never want a Promised Land Christian.”
  48. “You’re not going to suck nutritional value out of stale, old bread.”
  49. “You have to make what Jesus did for you bigger than what someone did to you.”
  50. “Do you have the courage to see with the supernatural eye of faith or do you just see current circumstances?”
  51. “Do you trust God’s battle plan?”
  52. “Get up! It’s time to get up and take another lap.”
  53. “The greatest courage you will need is to take the presence of God with you and take another lap.”
  54. “Impossible is where God starts. Miracles is what Jesus does.”
  55. “God does the heavy lifting. He takes the walls down.  You just do the praising.”

Day 2 is off to an incredible start.  Next up is Brene Brown!

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