Anyone who knows me knows my spiritual hero is John Maxwell.  No one has had a greater impact on my leadership than John.  I had the privilege of working for him for a number of years.  While doing so, I also met Mark Cole.  Mark is the CEO of all of John’s companies.  I consider both dear friends and have the highest opinion of each.

Earlier today they conducted a special session on the mentoring relationship they have.  The insights they shared were so valuable I wanted to make them available to this site’s audience.  You can access a full recording here for the next 72 hours if you wish to watch the interview in full.

Make sure you do so because at the end of John and Mark’s time together, you are offered special pricing on getting personal mentorship from John himself.

The following are 29 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Dr. John C. Maxwell and CEO Mark Cole On Mentoring:

  1. My greatest mentor ever is John Maxwell. – MC
  2. Your only legacy would be through people. – MC’s dad
  3. I think John’s greatest lesson with me is intentionality. – MC
  4. If you are in a room and not asking questions you are leaving knowledge on the table. – MC
  5. I ask a lot of questions. That’s the way to control the conversation. – JM
  6. Books became my mentor (when he was young). Back then tapes became my mentor.  Resources became my mentor. – JM
  7. The higher you go the harder it is to find a mentor. – JM
  8. When I’m being mentored by somebody I value their time. – JM
  9. Focus and Return. The mentor should focus on the mentoree when they are there.  The mentoree is return.  I should show him what I learned and what he shared with me I did. – MC
  10. You start mentoring for potential. You stay mentoring for return. – JM
  11. Wanting to be loved or wanting to lead was one of the biggest things John mentored me on. – MC
  12. Mark challenges me to never disappoint him. – JM
  13. REAL – You’ve got to be good at relationships. You’ve got to be good at equipping people.  Attitude – I’m never down.  I’m either up or getting up. And leadership. – JM
  14. People won’t go along with you if they can’t get along with you. – JM
  15. All compounding in life comes from equipping people. – JM
  16. How do books sell? I think I’ve really figured out what people need. – JM
  17. You can’t lead if you can’t produce. – MC
  18. A need to be mentored doesn’t represent an obligation to me. – JM
  19. Just because you know an answer doesn’t mean you’re the answer. – JM
  20. We’ve got to be a river not a reservoir. – MC
  21. For someone to be a good mentor you must do three things – Determine why you asked me to be a mentor? There must be a clear, compelling reason.  Determine what “a win” looks like?  Where do we want to be at the end of the year?  And the third question is why do you think so much of me that I can help get you there? – MC
  22. The mentoring has to be based on where they are, not where you are. – JM
  23. I’m not about to pour my life into a dead-end street. – JM
  24. I’m always prepared (to meet with John). – MC
  25. You can’t give clear directions as long as someone else has an agenda. – JM
  26. Leaders speak too much and leaders speak first. And that’s a mistake. – JM
  27. When you are trying to find a mentor you don’t need to find someone you’re mesmerized by. – MC
  28. The biggest mistake a mentor makes is assumption.  They think they know what the other person needs. – JM
  29. A highly-gifted person is sometimes not a good mentor. Too often a highly-gifted person everything comes easy. – JM

It was an incredible session!  Once again, to watch in full you can access a recording here for the next 72 hours.  It will be worth your time!

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