The morning’s next speaker was Joseph Sangl.  His insights are just brilliant.  Joe is the president and CEO of INJOY Stewardship Solutions and founder of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. His passion is helping churches and individuals accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their finances.
Also, as a special gift to everyone reading these posts, INJOY Stewardship would like to invest in your leadership by offering you the FREE ebook How To Disciple Financial Leaders.  Click HERE or on the image below to receive your complimentary copy.The following are 11 Quotes On Fully-Funding Vision From Joe Sangl Part 2 from his wonderful session:
  1. Thanking first-time givers speeds up the process to get a second-time gift.
  2. You should know the generosity temperature of your church.
  3. Measure giving per week on an eight-week rolling average.
  4. There is an ongoing battle between the bean counter and the bean creator.
  5. I don’t want any financial person being creative.
  6. Do not compare your financial numbers to another church.
  7. One of the things about automatic recurring giving is people can leave your church but still keep giving J
  8. The Assets Pocket is the most ignored pocket in the church.
  9. 90% of people when asked if they would like to give a gift from their estate to the church say “Yes”. They’re just not asked.
  10. Pre-schools can be wildly profitable.
  11. We have seen nothing more powerful than teaching God’s Word through tithes and offerings with recurring giving and occasional capital initiatives.
What an incredible way to start the day!  Be sure to check back for more sessions throughout the morning.  Next up is Pastor Dr. Willard Maxwell.
As mentioned above, INJOY Stewardship Solutions is offering all pastors and church leaders the FREE resource How To Disciple Financial Leaders.  Preaching on money is tough. While it is very important, you don’t want people to think you are just after their money. In this eBook, we discuss how to disciple and shepard the financial leaders in your church with integrity and effectiveness.  Click HERE or on the image to the left to receive your complimentary copy.

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