The morning’s first speaker was Senior Pastor Dr. Dwight Riddick.  Pastor Riddick has been leading Gethsemane Baptist Church in Newport News, VA for 32 years.  Starting with only 200 people, the church now runs over 2,000 in weekly attendance.  Dr. Riddick currently serves as the 40th President of the Hampton University Ministers’ Conference. 
Also, as a special gift to everyone reading these posts, INJOY Stewardship would like to invest in your leadership by offering you the FREE ebook How To Disciple Financial Leaders.  Click HERE or on the image below to receive your complimentary copy.The following are 46 Quotes On Fully-Funding Vision From Senior Pastor Dwight Riddick from his inspiring session:

  1. Vision is helping others to see what you see.
  2. The 4 C’s of Effective Vision Casting – Clear, Concrete, Concise, Compelling.
  3. As a communicator, you have to be clear about your understanding of it.
  4. This is why writing the vision is also imperative. This written documentation is what you will return to again and again.
  5. When the vision is clear to you, you are better able to clearly communicate it to others.
  6. Have a concrete vision means that you have a vision that is real and tangible.
  7. It is a vision that people ca n touch, feel, and become engaged in personally. Make sure you use all five senses.
  8. In today’s world it is really true: less is more. The attention span today is a gold fish has a longer attention span than people.
  9. We must break the vision down, not only so others can grasp it, but also for them to be able communicate it to others.
  10. It sis not about how much you share, but share enough people have complete clarity.
  11. A compelling vision moves the people to action.
  12. We are God’s instruments is to rally the people to a better future.
  13. We are there to lead people into a future where they would not go on their own. Leadership is needed to take people where they would not already go.
  14. If the vision does not excite the person sharing it, the people are not going to be excited about it.
  15. My vision has become your vision means it is now our vision.
  16. How to capture a vision – ask questions.
  17. The process of asking questions unlocks the doors to vision. We gain awareness of needs to be met and problems to be solved.
  18. What I’m about to do is solve a problem.
  19. If you want to get a vision, put yourself in places that will disrupt your comfort zone.
  20. Anyone with a vision will tell you this is not merely something that could be done. This is something that should be done. – Andy Stanley
  21. Vision, first and foremost, is God-given. It’s not the pastor’s vision.  It’s not the church’s vision.  It’s God’s visioin.
  22. Prayer and fasting helps leaders clarify the “what” of the vision.
  23. Chances are the need has been around a little while. I’m just catching up with what God’s called me to do.  Prayer and fasting leads to a time of repentance.
  24. If there is no action, there will be no transaction.
  25. For most of us, our budgets are far bigger than our budgets.
  26. Three components to casting a compelling vision – Conviction, Convincing, Courageous
  27. Your vision will only burn as bright as you.
  28. A vision is not only something you not only see in your mind, but also burns in your heart.
  29. The outcome is a willingness to sacrifice in time, energy, and financial resources.
  30. If this is not something you are willing to personally risk your reputation and resources on, it’s now worth pursuing. It’s merely an idea.  It’s not a vision.
  31. Make the problem as big as you can.
  32. If you vision moves people to take action, you’re on the right track.
  33. Leaders have to be willing to lead the vision. It’s one thing to have the vision.  It’s another thing to have the willingness and courage to lead the vision.
  34. Paint a picture of a preferred future.
  35. The vision is your unique expression of God’s mission for your church.
  36. Vision ultimately has to be about people. How will your church improve (or change) in a way so that it serves people better and others want to attend?
  37. We didn’t ask people to give to a building fund. We asked them to give to a vision fund.  We asked them to give to people’s lives.
  38. When you share the vision, tell stories.
  39. An alive church will always cost.
  40. You don’t have to have all of the answers, but have direction.
  41. Whatever the vision may be, tell people how they can all be a part.
  42. Communicating vision is not a “one and done” proposition. You cannot over-communicate vision.
  43. You can’t talk to everyone in your church the same way. One size does not fit all.  Everyone does not process information the same way.  Communication must be multi-faceted.
  44. State the vision so people will say, “Yes” and they know what to do right now.
  45. Vision is looking beyond what is and seeing what could be.
  46. Great vision outlives the visioneer.

What an incredible way to start the day!  Be sure to check back for more sessions throughout the morning.  Next up is Joe Sangl with Part 2 of his session on fully-funding ministry.

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