Many people think to be a leader you must have a group of people “under you”.  We need a fundamental shift in our thinking of what a leader is.  Leadership is not about position.  It is about influence.  Leaders do not need people “under them” to have tremendous influence.

The top influencer in my life other than Jesus Christ is my wife Sonya.  With our daughter going off to college, she recently went back to work.  For the previous 17 years, she was a stay-at-home mom.

Sonya did not have a title or occupy an office but she was (and still is) the best leader I knew.

I am dedicating this post to all stay-at-home moms who have unbelievable influence and leadership skills that many are completely unaware of.  The following are The Top 10 Leadership Skills Of Stay-At-Home Moms I see in stay-at-home moms:

  1. Stay-At-Home Moms model servant leadership.  They have given their lives to make others successful.
  2. Stay-At-Home Moms often sacrifice personal desires and public recognition for the success of others.
  3. Stay-At-Home Moms have superior organizational skills.  I often told Sonya she was the COO of Brian Dodd and Anna Dodd Ministries.
  4. Stay-At-Home Moms give their husbands the confidence needed to perform their best throughout the day.
  5. Stay-At-Home Moms productively utilize marginal time.
  6. Stay-At-Home Moms manage the family’s financial resources and know how to stretch a dollar.
  7. Stay-At-Home Moms create warm environments for their husbands to come home to.  For more on this subject, click here.
  8. Stay-At-Home Moms rise early and make sure all of their family’s needs are met.  They are also often the last ones to bed.
  9. Stay-At-Home Moms make investments in their children which will last for generations.
  10. Stay-At-Home Moms are a privilege to provide for.

So this is a message to all stay-at-home moms, thank you so much for how you leverage and steward your influence.  To your husbands and children, you are some of the greatest leaders in the world.


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