If you are an artisan, you will enjoy Murder On The Orient Express.  This latest adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel is directed by Kenneth Branagh.  He also stars in the lead role of Detective Hercule Poirot.  If you like great acting, good dialogue, grand cinematography and a solid script, this is the movie for you.

Led by an all-star cast which features Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz, Michelle Pfeiffer, Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley, Josh Gad, Derek Jacobi and others, this film features the best set of talented actors you will see in a movie.

There is one needless “GD” but past that, no nudity or additional language.  This will likely not be a movie you are talking about six months from now but it will adequately fill two hours if you are looking for something to do this weekend.

The following are 13 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Murder On The Orient Express:

  1. When You Know What The Real Thing Is, Counterfeits Are Easy To Spot. – Poirot said, “I can only see a world as it should be.  It makes an imperfection stick out like the nose on your face.”
  2. Sustainable Leaders Have High Moral Character – Poirot observed, “There is right.  There is wrong.  There is no in-between.”
  3. Drinking Alcohol Will Eventually Rob Christian Leaders Of Their Influence – Pilar Estravados, played by Penelope Cruz, said, “Wine is where the devil finds his darlings.”
  4. Great Leaders Are Focused – Poirot declared, “I detect criminals.  I do not protect them.”
  5. Pilar said, “Some things are in God’s hands.  It is not up to us if we survive safely or like Lucifer fall.”
  6. The Only Difference Between Anger And Danger Is A “D” – Caroline Hubbard, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, said, “You have a head full of steam and a mouth full of words.”
  7. Trust Is The Foundation Of All Successful Relationships – One of the train’s business travelers said, “When people trust you they buy more.”
  8. Never Confuse Lack Of Visible Results With Lack Of Engagement – Poirot observed, “God is always busy.”
  9. Well-Known Leaders Paid A Great Price For Success – Poirot noted, “If it was easy I would not be famous.”
  10. A Lack Of Options Is An Opportunity For Creativity – Poirot’s assistant said, “A man who is dying is a man with nothing to lose.”
  11. Yesterday’s Solutions Will Not Solve Today’s Problems – “To a man with only a hammer every problem is a nail.”
  12. There Are Varying Levels Of Depravity – Poirot said, “Crime is an anomaly.  Murder is a fracture of the soul.”
  13. Life And Leadership Is Not Fair – Poirot concluded, “The scales of justice cannot always be equally weighed.”

Once again, if you like a great script, acting and dialogue, Murder On The Orient Express is for you.  Have a great time!


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