November 2017 was the most read November in the history of this site.  There are two primary reasons for this.

  • First and foremost, you the readers.  I cannot thank you enough for your faithfulness to this site.  Your continual readership and referrals have led to exponential growth and a delightful tribe of leaders.
  • Second, the movies are back.  Leadership lessons from movies occupied four of the top five positions in November.  To give you a preview of December, I only plan on seeing one movie but it is a BIG one – Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The following are The Top 10 Most Read Leadership Posts In November 2017 as determined by you the readers:

  1. 19 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Justice League The Movie
  2. 25 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Wonder The Movie
  3. The Top 18 Books Christian Leaders Need To Read In 2018
  4. 21 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Thor: Ragnarok
  5. 13 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Murder On The Orient Express Movie
  6. 10 Books Every Leader Should Read This Fall And 9 Other Most Read Leadership Posts Of October 2017
  7. You Will Never Be A Friendly Church Without This One Thing
  8. The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of October 30th
  9. The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of November 20th
  10. 17 Ways To Be A Kinder, Gentler Pastor And Leader

The following are 9 additional Hidden Gems which did not make the Top 10 but were personal favorites.  I hope you enjoy them the 2nd time around.

Once again, thank you for your loyalty.  I cannot wait for December as we close 2017 strong.  It is an honor to invest in your leadership.


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