As expected, Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield was named the winner of the 2017 Heisman Trophy signifying college football’s best player.  Because of his on and off-field behavior, Mayfield is one of the more controversial winners of the award.

Quarterbacks are over-valued in the NFL draft process and many general managers and coaches are desperate for a quality signal caller.  Therefore, despite size and character concerns, I feel Mayfield will be a first round selection.

The following are 10 Leadership Quotes From Baker Mayfield’s Heisman Trophy Speech I captured from ESPN’s telecast.  Comments from others are included as well as additional leadership quotes from ESPN College Gameday and Sports Illustrated features on Mayfield..

  1. “Stat wise Lamar Jackson will go down as the best football all-around quarterback, player to ever play the game.  Ever.” – Lee Corso
  2. “I don’t know if I’ve seen a player where the defense, the coaches, the entire offense feed off his energy… Watch how he wills his team.” – Kirk Herbstreit on Mayfield
  3. “I just try to stay humble.” – Jackson
  4. “I see myself as a quarterback (in the NFL)… I’ve always been a quarterback.  I’ve never played another position.” – Jackson
  5. “That is what I do is play football but I feel like just being able to contribute to the world and being there to take care of others would be amazing.” – Stanford running back Bryce Love
  6. “It takes a village to raise a young man like this… We really tried to keep it positive with him and he was great at setting goals.” – Chris Love, Bryce’s father
  7. “Injuries are part of the game and you ultimately have to push through them.” – Love
  8. “No one who has ever won the Heisman Trophy began his career as a walk-on.” – Chris Fowler referring to Mayfield
  9. “There something’s to be said for having to earn it.” – Mayfield
  10. “I’ve apologized for mistakes and learned from it.  I’m moving forward.” – Mayfield
  11. “I don’t have it all figured out.” – Mayfield
  12. “God has put me in a position to be so blessed.” -Mayfield
  13. “The thing I’m most thankful for is you hiring Coach (Lincoln) Riley.” – Mayfield to former head coach Bob Stoops
  14. “To the kids out there, don’t give up.  Don’t ever give up.” – Mayfield

ESPN College Gameday, December 4th

  • Leaders Do Not Always Determine The Type Of Legacy They Will Leave – “I want my legacy to be inspirational, motivating for kids… keep on fighting.  Never give up on your dreams.”  – Mayfield

Sports Illustrated, December 4th

  • Successful Leaders Must Thrive In Hostile Environments – “I think I was truly born to thrive in hostile environments.  I find it fun to have a little back-and-forth conversation with the opposing fan base.” – Mayfield
  • The First Responsibility Of Leadership Is To Properly Evaluate Reality – “That’s who I am, an emotional guy, a fiery guy, always played with an edge.  The coaches that are here with me, they love it, cause they know that’s when I’m at my best.  I would never say I take it over the top.” – Mayfield
  • Most Successful Leaders Always Feel They Have Something To Prove – “They (Texas A&M) saw that I was the size I was, and I could tell that they were not interested at all.  They looked at me like I didn’t deserve to be there.  It was a slap in the face.” – Mayfield
  • Successful Leaders Have Strong People Skills – “He’s made real friends with almost everyone here.” – Sooners teammate Jaxon Uhles
  • Successful Leaders Have Proper Perspective – “He’s hardheaded in a lot of ways.  And he’s very comfortable in his own skin.  And sometimes that can lead you to not having perspective, not really looking at a situation, and maybe not handling it the best way.” – Oklahoma Sooners head coach Mike Riley
  • Successful Leaders Are Special – “No matter how long I go on coaching, whatever the rest of my career ends up being like, I don’t know that I’ll ever have a player that’s as special to me as he is… He’s the best football player in America.  He’s got a great heart that a lot of people don’t get to see like I do, and I’m proud as hell to be his coach.” – Coach Riley

What is one lesson you can learn from Baker Mayfield which will make you a better leader?

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