I do not engage in many conversations on Twitter.  The level of discourse and anger is just not productive from my perspective.  I primarily utilize Twitter as a billboard for this website.  However, last week I was feeling strongly about something and posted the following:

It received tremendous response to I want to expand on my thoughts.  The following are 5 Things Every Great Leader Has:

  1. An Open Hand – Great leaders are generous.  They have an abundance mentality over a scarcity mentality.  Great leaders realize God has given them influence and a platform for the purpose of serving others.  God cannot put anything into a closed fist, only an open hand.
  2. Calloused Knees – This speaks to humility.  As a leader I need God involved in every area of my life.  What He has called me to do is beyond my skills, talents, abilities, resources, and network.  This is the gift of the gap.  The level of my assignment forces me to press into Him.  I can’t do this in my own power.  Great leaders lead from their knees.
  3. A Joyful Smile – Performance goals have a limit.  No tree grows all the way to the sky.  The market only yields so much.  Enjoyment goals, however, are unlimited.  Joy is a choice and I can have as much of it as I want.
  4. A Wrinkled Brow – This speaks to focus and intensity.  Leadership comes with passion and ownership.  Great leaders are all-in.  There is a leadership price which must be paid.
  5. A Great Team Around Them – Once again, no tree grows all the way to the sky.  My ability to go to the next level in my leadership is determined by my ability to build a great team around me.  It is true – you can accomplish more with “we” than “me”.

What one thing from the list above do you need to implement to improve as a leader?


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