Daymond John is an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and iconic television personality on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.  What you may not know is John is an incredibly generous leader.

Recently, my friends at BELAY Solutions, specifically co-founders Bryan and Shannon Miles, spent a day learning from John.  Bryan chronicled his thoughts and I wanted to share them with you.

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Last Wednesday was a rather big day for BELAY! Why? Well, we swam with a shark yesterday. Literally. Not a real shark but rather “The People’s Shark” Daymond John, from ABC’s hit-show The Shark Tank!

Besides the obvious, it was a big day for these three reasons …

1. Our winners, four of them in all, received personal, one-on-one time with Daymond in what we called a “Power Meeting.” Two of the winners came from a nationwide contest where close to 1,000 business owners entered to win. And two of the other winners came from our existing BELAY Clients. It was our way of saying thanks to our Clients in a unique way. We loved giving them the gift of Daymond’s time. It was truly special to see them around their business hero.

2. A few of our BELAY employees got to interact with Daymond and his team. Daymond’s team, including his preferred production team are rock-solid, down-to-earth people who have great personalities and even bigger hearts. I was proud that our employees could rub shoulders with a great staff like Daymond’s. And, in fact, not just rub shoulders but help them see that BELAY is a world-class company playing well with other world-class companies.

3. Shannon (Myles) and I had some solid one-on-one time with Daymond and his right-hand man (Ted) … where we discussed many things. Besides Daymond’s words of affirmation about our leadership, our company, and our services … he answered our direct questions with clarity and humility. And, to boot … at one point someone from Mercedes Benz got ahold of Daymond’s staff and asked to speak with him. Daymond’s response, “Not right now. I’m on BELAY time.” That made the day for me.

Since starting this business, I’ve had the opportunity to be around some very high-profile people like Daymond. The truth is … they’re just people with huge drive who have run head-long into risk and won big. They are people with hearts, fears, problems, dreams … just like you and me.

Swimming with sharks is scary … but this one didn’t bite.

If you want more of Daymond, follow him on Instagram and Twitter here. And, don’t forget to buy his new book “Rise & Grind” that comes out officially in January! You can order it here.


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