When I work with leaders of churches, businesses, non-profits, or athletic organizations, if I ask them if they care deeply enough about the mission and vision enough to sacrifice for it, they will   all tell me “Yes”.  If I ask them if they are all in, they will all respond with an emphatic “Yes”.

They will all then tell me how much they care and how invested they are.  Some who are skilled communicators will even make compelling arguments about their importance to the organization’s overall success.

As Ray Allen pointed out in the quote above, everyone says they are willing to sacrifice for the organization.  But as he also pointed out, it is not about talk.

These 5 Questions Tell Me How Much You Really Care About Your Church Or Organization:

  1. How hard do you work when no one else is watching?
  2. Are you working on the right things which drive bottom-line results?
  3. How much extra/sacrificial time are you putting in to making the mission and vision a reality?
  4. How much of your financial resources are you putting in to making the mission and vision a reality?
  5. I know you talk a good game, but what are you ACTUALLY producing?

What it takes to make mission and vision reality are things not spoken.


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