I want to begin thanking you, the readers of this site for your faithfulness and generosity in passing its content along to others.  God has allowed us to put together an ever-growing tribe of leaders.

In the past year, this site grew by over 14%!!!  While many blogs are declining in readership or even going dormant, this is significant and really excites me about the investment being made in the lives of leaders everywhere.

The following are The Top 10 Most Read Leadership Posts Of 2017 as determined by you the readers.  You will notice a trend.  Leadership quotes and lessons from major motion pictures DOMINATED not only The Top 10, but The Top 25.

  1. 19 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Wonder Woman The Movie – This movie became a global phenomenon and its popularity was reflected here as well becoming my most read post of 2017.  Interestingly, this is the 2nd year in a row a DC Comics film garnered the top post following 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.
  2. 23 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 – Lest we forget the Marvel Universe, the 2nd installment of the Guardians franchise took the 2nd slot.  Look for Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther to be on this list next year.
  3. 22 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Star Wars: The Last Jedi – For the 2nd year in a row, a Christmas release of next installment of the Star Wars saga was so popular it made the Top 10 list for the entire year.  We are now beginning to gear up for the release of Hans Solo in May.
  4. 19 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Justice League The Movie – This movie was largely panned but it starred the ultra-popular Wonder Woman.  Leadership lesson – if you want great results, get a great leader.
  5. 25 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Wonder The Movie – I wrote this when it came out.  Wonder is just, well, wonderful!  This movie is the story of August “Auggie” Pullman, a young child who was born with a facial disease called mandibulofacial dystosis, also known as “Treacher Collins syndrome.”  It is just an incredibly inspirational family movie.
  6. 15 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Logan The Movie – So I have a question.  Do the people who vote on the Oscars and Golden Globes actually watch movies?  I have to wonder because this was the best movie I saw in 2017.  In addition, Patrick Stewart should have been a lock for Best Supporting Actor with his tour de force performance as a dying Charles Xavier.
  7. 28 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From The Case For Christ Movie – Each year a faith-driven film cracks the Top 10.  This year it was the real life story of Lee Strobel’s investigating the claims of Christ and his subsequent conversion.  Incredible movie!  Look for God’s Not Dead 3 and I Can Only Imagine to have HUGE success in 2018.
  8. The Top 35 Blogs Christian Leaders Need To Read In 2017 – My top blog list is annual staple in the Top 10 list.  This featured a listing of some of the greatest minds in Christian leadership.  Look for the 2018 list to come out on January 1st!
  9. The Top 30 Christian Leaders You Should Follow On Twitter in 2017 – This is another regular for each year’s Top 10 list.  The 2018 edition will be released on January 8th!
  10. 19 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Dunkirk – Directed by Christopher Nolan, this film takes place during 1940 World War II in the French port city of Dunkirk where 400,000 allied soldiers are pinned in by Hitler’s German forces.  The British then launch a plan to save them from annihilation and get as many soldiers off the island, across the English Channel, and back to Britain to fight the war on the mainland.  A must-see!

As mentioned earlier, leadership lessons from movies not only dominated the Top 25 as well.  The following are additional films which had extremely high readership in 2017 – Patriots Day (#12), Spider-Man: Homecoming (#13), Kong: Skull Island (#14), The Fate Of The Furious (#17), Murder On The Orient Express (#18), The Circle (#19), The Mummy (#20), War For The Planet Of The Apes (#24), and Thor: Ragnarok (#25).

2017 was an incredible year!  I can’t wait for 2018!  It is an honor to invest in your leadership.


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