Before getting to my Top 10 list for all of 2017, the following are some of this site’s posts from the past year which were personal favorites you may have missed:

The following are The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Entire Year Of 2017:

  1. Amanda’s Trial And My Book Release by Davey Blackburn – The best post I have read in 2017!!!  MUST READ!!!
  2. For The Love Of Guns Or People by Kurt Bubna
  3. The Hottest Thing At Church Today by Tim Challies
  4. The Truth About Hell by Tommy Clayton via
  5. Past Sin Does Not Make You A Better Spiritual Leader by Phil Cooke
  6. I Don’t Understand Christians Watching Game Of Thrones and One More Time On ‘Game Of Thrones’ by Kevin DeYoung via
  7. Pavlov’s In Your Pocket by Seth Godin
  8. Stop Photobombing Jesus by Garrett Kell via
  9. “I Said, ‘Open Your Bibles.’ And Got Two Incredible Reactions by Pastor Joe McKeever
  10. 5 Honest Struggles Most Church Leaders Don’t Want To Admit by Carey Nieuwhof
  11. ***BONUS*** Why This Muslim-Turned-Christian Speaker Resonated With So Many Before His Death At 34 by Ravi Zacharias via The Washington Post

That is my Top 10 for the week.  What other great articles did you read?


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