Several years ago a friend of mine attended The Masters golf tournament in Augusta, GA.  The most memorable part of his weekend was being about 10 feet from Tiger Woods as he was about to hit an iron shot approaching the green.

There was an “animated” conversation between Woods and his caddie regarding the distance and type of club he should use.  Woods wisely relented and followed his caddie’s advice.  Woods hit a beautiful shot and soon thereafter, birdied the hole.

My friend then said, “Here’s what I learned from listening to their conversation.  No one can execute like Tiger.  But everyone gets better with a coach, even the greatest who ever played the sport.”

Pastors, no one can execute like you can.  But for you to get better you need a coach and there is no one better personal coach for pastors than Shawn Lovejoy and the team at Courage To Lead.

Shawn has an exclusive opportunity coming up called Leading Myself To The Next Level.

Beginning Monday, January 15th and continuing every 3rd Monday for six months, this personal coaching is limited to only 12 pastors.  Shawn will help you get focused, get prioritized, get healthy, get disciplined, get proper goals, and get thinking right about yourself and your leadership.

Once again, Shawn is as good as it gets if you are looking for personal coaching.  Click HERE or on the image above to learn more.

Pastors, I want you to succeed.  Check out Leading Myself To The Next Level.  You will be glad you did.


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