This morning I had the incredible privilege of sitting in a session conducted by the wonderful senior pastor of NorthStar Church Mike Linch and host of the incredibly popular Linch With A Leader Podcast.  As part of an event put on by INJOY Stewardship Solutions called Capital Campaign University, Mike gave an inspirational message on how to address the giants all leaders face and the discouragement which comes from it.  These words will encouragement you to take the next steps needed to become the leader God has called you to be.

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Enjoy these 28 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Mike Linch:

  1. In the early days you doing everything you can do to grow, change, and survive.
  2. You walk through a lot of seasons.
  3. We want to be the church for people who don’t go to church.
  4. Ike Reighard, the founding pastor, said, “The thing I worry about the most was saddling you with so much debt.” At the time, $9M.
  5. Debt had decided to what we were going to do. We could not dream.
  6. Make sure you set people free financially as well.
  7. My vision at NorthStar Church was to survive.
  8. I didn’t want to swing at that giant of debt because it was too big.
  9. The first 10 years of NorthStar was charge the hill.
  10. Nehemiah had critics. His people were incredibly discouraged.
  11. Your people will be fired up until it comes time to ante up.
  12. Every team, every church will reach this.
  13. We were $6.8 million in.
  14. I was asked, “What’s on the other side when the debt is gone.” For the first time in years, the veil came off.
  15. 2012 – 2013 was a game-changer. I was in rubble until then.
  16. If I’m not dreaming, the people aren’t dreaming.
  17. When I live in rubble, our people live in rubble. There is nothing more the enemy enjoys than you living in rubble.
  18. I wasn’t bold for years because I didn’t want to fail.
  19. Your people feed off boldness.
  20. Doug Pederson, the Philadelphia Eagles, was bold.  He played to win, not to lose.
  21. Our people got it (the need to payoff the debt).  But that wouldn’t have happened in them if it didn’t happen in me first.
  22. We are now at $700,000 in debt from $6.8 million.
  23. I’ve still got rubble issues.
  24. Each one of us are going to go through seasons when the wall is hot and the rubble is hot.
  25. You’re going to face critics, discouragement, and a point where you lack vision.  Ever leader will face these three things and they feed off each other.
  26. There’s nothing less empowering than a leader who has been discouraged.  Every leader has been there.
  27. Focus more on what’s passed the wall than the wall itself.
  28. If God called you to it, He will equip you for it.


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