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20 Leadership Quotes from Gordon Gekko and Wall Street

  Is the iconic character Gordon Gekko played by Michael Douglas correct when he said “Greed is good?”  All leaders are faced with this question.  In essence, we must determine if we are going to serve others or serve ourselves. I loved the new Wall Street movie.  The acting is ridiculously superb and there are a couple […]

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A Wonderful Leadership Surprise

Precept Ministries, led by Jack and Kay Arthur, has been an incredible blessing to my family and we have been privileged to financially support their efforts for many years.  Yesterday we were visiting their campus in Chattanooga, TN and we received a wonderful leadeship surprise. My daughter and I took a walk alongside a creek on their property.  I […]

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14 Life Changing Principles You Must Read

I love reading The Sporting News.   Because of how its writers analyze the intricacies of sports, each edition is loaded with leadership principles.  As a gift to you,  the following are 14 leadership quotes from the last month that if applied properly, will improve your leadership and the performance of your teams. “My faith is stronger than that.  I didn’t […]

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7 Reasons Leaders Need A Short Memory

The most shocking event of the 2nd weekend of college football was #13 Virginia Tech’s surprising loss to James Madison.  It is my theory though that VT never recovered from its loss to Boise St the previous Monday evening.  In essence, I make the argument that Boise actually beat the Hokies twice. Have you ever had a single […]

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9/11 Reflections and What Churches Are Doing Well

Much has been said this week regarding Florida preacher Terry Jones and his desire to burn a copy of the Quran.  What resulted was a negative reflection of American Christianity because of an ill-advised decision by a single rouge pastor.  As Rick Warren said, we are for the separation of church and hate. What these actions did was cause me to […]

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