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10 Books Every Leader Should Read This Summer


Why is it important for leaders to be readers?  Reading is a demonstration of humility.  It communicates that a leader understands he/she has not arrived yet.  There is a gap from where they are and where they need to be.  Therefore, leadership demands continual learning. Also, I have found reading to be the fastest way […]

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5 Ways To Know If You Are A Leader With Good Listening Skills


Secrets Of A Secret Shopper: Reaching And Keeping Church Guests by Greg Atkinson is getting a lot of buzz from respected Christian leaders like Carey Nieuwhof and Thom Rainer.  Just in case you are unfamiliar with Greg, I want to introduce you to him. Greg is the Founder of Worship Impressions and Executive Director of He is an author, […]

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The Top 10 Leadership Books I’ve Ever Read


I love reading about leadership.  I especially enjoy gleaning insights from Apex Leaders, actual practitioners who are leading at the highest levels possible and then written about their experiences.  The following are the Top 10 leadership books I have ever read in alphabetical order by author. The Bible (this is number one in any order. […]

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