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My Favorite Story About Dr. Billy Graham


With today’s passing of the incomparable Dr. Billy Graham, I wanted to share the following excerpt from my book 10 Indispensable Practices Of The 2-Minute Leader regarding the relationship between legendary leaders Dr. Graham and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  It is my favorite story about this giant of the faith. “When you learn to […]

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28 Lessons For Pastors Who Are Discouraged


This morning I had the incredible privilege of sitting in a session conducted by the wonderful senior pastor of NorthStar Church Mike Linch and host of the incredibly popular Linch With A Leader Podcast.  As part of an event put on by INJOY Stewardship Solutions called Capital Campaign University, Mike gave an inspirational message on how to address the giants all leaders face […]

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38 Signs You Are A Godly Leader

<a href="">coachjuanma</a> / Pixabay

Last week I wrote a post entitled 38 Results Of Being An Evil Leader.  The content for this post was taken from specific passages from Proverbs chapters 10 – 12.  As a following up, the following are 38 Signs You Are A Godly Leader taken from the same set of verses. As you read this list, […]

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Every Pastor Needs One Of These


Several years ago a friend of mine attended The Masters golf tournament in Augusta, GA.  The most memorable part of his weekend was being about 10 feet from Tiger Woods as he was about to hit an iron shot approaching the green. There was an “animated” conversation between Woods and his caddie regarding the distance […]

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