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“Your Church’s Furnace Just Blew Up” A Story of Inconvenient Opportunity

I had to work this past Memorial Day.  It was definitely something I wasn’t looking forward to.  I needed the rest.  Responsibilities, however, often come into play.  The Foursquare Church was having its annual convention and I needed to man the booth for our company in the exhibit hall. I have learned in these environments that the fruit […]

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Notes From Community Group Leaders Training

Today I trained a number of Community Group leaders at Fellowship Bible Church (  Listed below is the outline I used. The focal passage I used was Luke 5:27-32. The Value of Jesus 1. Priorities – Jesus loved people.  2. Protects – Who is the most important person on Sunday?  Answer – The Visitor.  3. Propagation […]

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Yankee Stadium and Church Buildings Part 3

The following is my final installment of principles church leaders can take away from the construction of the new Yankee Stadium. A new facility will increase involvement in the many products that are connected to it. 50,000 pair of eyes each evening see creative advertising on the new Jumbotron. As many new people attend your […]

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Yankee Stadium and Church Buildings Part 1

Several months ago I read an article in the Sporting News regarding the impact of the new Yankee Stadium. I think there are several key learnings that church leaders can take from its construction and apply it to their ministry environment. Every facility eventually becomes outdated and not as efficient as it previously was thus […]

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