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A Wonderful Leadership Surprise

Precept Ministries, led by Jack and Kay Arthur, has been an incredible blessing to my family and we have been privileged to financially support their efforts for many years.  Yesterday we were visiting their campus in Chattanooga, TN and we received a wonderful leadeship surprise. My daughter and I took a walk alongside a creek on their property.  I […]

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Final Pre-Op Post

Mark Marshall is the Senior Pastor of the great Clearview Baptist Church in Franklin, TN and a lifelong friend of mine.  You see, Mark baptized me, ordained me for ministry, and performed my wedding.  Tomorrow, at age 48, he is having heart surgery.  I was so moved by Mark’s words today on his blog […]

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If Your Marriage Is Failing…

Unfortunately, there are several people in my personal life who have recently divorced or are strongly considering the idea. This is a devastating epidemic in our country that leaves negative consequences affecting multiple generations.  What is always humbling is that even the most healthiest of marriages are only one wrong decision away from a lifetime of regret. David […]

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Top 10 Most Popular Posts of August 2010

August was an amazing month!  In July, we experienced 124% growth.  With such a rapid increase, I was just hoping to simply break even or slightly grow during this past month.  Well, thanks to you the readers and so many of you forwarding my posts, we grew an additional 97%!!!  I am blown away and thank […]

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I Have Found The Perfect Leader

I was looking on WordPress today and saw a posting about a “perfect dessert”. My thoughts then began profiling the attitude, actions, and habits of the “perfect leader”. We spend a tremendous amount of time, effort, resources, and mental energy on the subject of leadership.  We should because leadership matters that much.  To that end, here’s […]

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10 Practices Of Highly Successful Influencers

Alabama Crimson Tide Head Coach Nick Saban recently said, “You can’t really promote guys into leadership roles. I think that it’s something that sort of grows, develops and happens because of personality types and respect that other players have.” Coach Saban is right. There is a significant difference between leadership that is positional and the […]

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