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Two Men Making A Huge Difference In The Lives Of Others

Joe Sangl, Founder of I Was Broke. Now I’m Not., and Casey Graham, Founder of The Change Group, are two individuals making a profound difference in the lives of people.  Because of their efforts, literally hundreds of churches and thousands of individuals are experiencing the joy that comes from financial freedom.  Please check out their links. Tomorrow, […]

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Confessions Of A College Freshman

Amanda Wing has captured the heart of my family.  You see, Amanda is my niece.  I had not seen her for years but she has recently become a significant part of our lives.  This week we are celebrating with her as she is moving to Dalton State College to begin her freshman year. Christian leaders understand this will be a pivotal time […]

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Top 10 Most Popular Posts of July 2010

 [youtube=] I would like to thank everyone who took their valuable time to read this website during the month of July.  I am deeply humbled by the growth we experienced.  Readership more than doubled during the past month growing by 124%. Two main things became apparent – how much we were captivated by the LeBron James decision and how little we get […]

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10 Things I Love About Leadership

Some posts you write are simply reflective and cathartic.  This will be one of those as I am currently in that state of mind.  Leadership is a wonderful thing.  It definitely has some perks which often makes its price worth paying. The following are just some of the reasons why I love leaders and leadership: Leadership gives organizations and people vision.  […]

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