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16 Habits Of Great Public Speakers

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Leadership comes with a microphone.  This is because there will come a time in every leader’s life when they must stand up and proclaim, “Follow me!”  As a result, every leader needs to always be improving their public speaking skills. The incredible video above teaches us 16 Habits Of Great Public Speakers: Great Public Speakers Are Highly […]

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5 Steps To Writing Your First (Or Next) Ebook


In 2010, Bryan and Shannon Miles felt a stirring from God. After experiencing the virtual assistant (VA) model for themselves, the couple was inspired to start their own business providing virtual support to busy leaders. After much prayer and due diligence, Bryan and Shannon followed God’s call and founded Miles Advisory Group (MAG). Now, MAG […]

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5 Words A Leader Never Wants To Hear

The pepperoni finally fought back!!!  My family was having a relaxing dinner at our favorite pizza spot.  We love this restaurant because the pizza literally comes out of the oven and is placed right then on your table.  It is very juicy, still sizzling, and VERY hot! Anyone who eats hot pizza knows how stringy […]

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27 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Andy Stanley On Making Vision Stick


Vision is a gift solely given to leaders.  Vision is what marks you as the leader.  Vision tells those following you, “We are going somewhere.  We are headed towards a better tomorrow.  Follow me!” Regardless of the profession, no one communicates leadership principles better than Andy Stanley, the founder of North Point Ministries.  This includes […]

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20 Things A Leader Should Never Say

Jeff Henderson often says, “Leadership comes with a microphone.”  This is because there comes a time in every leader’s life when they must stand up and say, “Follow me!”  Therefore, good communication skills are critical to a leader’s success. Conversely, there are also things leaders can say which results in negative momentum, erodes trust and […]

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