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When Leaders Often Find Their Greatest Blessings

Many people reading this post may not be in a season of great blessings.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Many of you are in the midst of great disappointment. I understand as I’m dealing with some big disappointments myself right now.  I’m optimistic, however, because I have been disappointed many times in the past […]

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My Favorite 25 Leadership Posts Of 2011

This past year I published 346 separate blog posts.  With that amount of material produced, it is sometimes hard to identify your personal favorites.  However, after much thought, the following is the list of My Favorite 25 Leadership Posts Of 2011.  If you missed these in their initial run, I trust you will enjoy them the 2nd time around. Is […]

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10 Most Popular Posts Of January 2011

January was an amazing month!  Overall readership grew by 96% while subscriptions grew by an incredible 149%.  In addition to the site’s growth, I introduced a forum called The Leadership Tribe which allows leaders to make their voices heard and connect with other leaders to share thoughts, insights, and resources on leadership.  I’m really excited about the potential of […]

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What Churches Should Learn From Social Media And The Egyptian Revolution

Savvy leaders have always understood the powerful influence of social media.  Here are some quotes from the last 24 hours with key applications for all leaders, specifically those in the local church. Courtesy of “Twitter was used by people on the ground to relay what was happening,” said Rasha Abdulla, head of the Mass Communication […]

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The Power Of Language – 11 Leadership Quotes From The Atlanta Falcons and Auburn Tigers

Leaders understand the power of language.  As a result, they love quotes.  Quotes allow leaders to properly frame what they feel intuitively and then provide effective messaging elements as they cast vision and lead their teams. To provide leaders with quality resources, the following are some great leadership quotes I have acquired over the last couple of […]

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10 Lessons Learned From Driving My Car Into A Ditch During An Ice Storm

Today I hit a patch of heavy ice and drove my car into a ditch.  My trip was going just fine as I came upon a slight incline.  My plan was to go between 20-30 mph and the momentum would carry me right over the hill.  However, the car in front of me was far more “cautious” and […]

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