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The Type Of Elder You Don’t Want At Your Church And 9 More Most Read Leadership Posts Of April 2017


We often overrate the big moment or event.  Conversely, we underestimate daily consistency and faithfulness.  ESPN’s Louis Riddick recently said, “It’s always about consistency.  Consistency of effort.  Consistency of preparation.  Consistency of love for the game.”  I largely attribute consistency for this site’s success and its rapidly growing community of leaders. April was the 7th most successful […]

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The Top 10 Most Read Leadership Posts Of 2016


In terms of number of site visits, 2016 was the greatest year in the history of this website.  All the thanks goes to Jesus Christ for His goodness and to you the readers.  Like many previous years, leadership quotes and lessons from movies dominated the Top 10 Most Read Posts Of 2016. It is funny […]

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Unhealthy Thinking By Some Of Today’s Mega-Church Pastors And 9 Other Most Read Leadership Posts Of September 2016


“Stay in your lane.”  This is the directive leaders give their teams on a regular basis.  Basically they are saying, “Play to your strengths.  Focus on what you do best.  Do not spend time on things which will yield limited results.”  This is great advice to bloggers as well. For the past several years this […]

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