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Unhealthy Thinking By Some Of Today’s Mega-Church Pastors And 9 Other Most Read Leadership Posts Of September 2016


“Stay in your lane.”  This is the directive leaders give their teams on a regular basis.  Basically they are saying, “Play to your strengths.  Focus on what you do best.  Do not spend time on things which will yield limited results.”  This is great advice to bloggers as well. For the past several years this […]

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Who And What Is Leadership About?

King Solomon famously wrote, “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” (Proverbs 16:18)  What he was saying is first comes pride, then comes destruction.  First comes a haughty spirit, then the fall. As a leader, it is not about you and what you want.  It is about what your people and […]

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This Is What Leadership Is All About

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What is leadership about?  Is it about tasks and assignments?  Is it about titles, privilege or influence?  What about vision casting?  Of course you can’t mention leadership without talking about courage and making hard decisions?  Is it about personality and charisma?  And then leaders are always finding solutions to the obstacles people face. Well, these […]

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How To Gain Influence With Pastors And Leaders


It seems everyone wants something from pastors and leaders.  They want their time.  They want their attention.  They want resources.  Many want their influence to address their favorite cause or issue.  A pastor once said to me, “Brian, everyone has a nail and they view me as the hammer.  Everyday they put their nail in […]

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