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Top 10 Most Popular Posts Of September 2010

Have you ever been wonderfully surprised?  In July the readership of this blog grew 124%.  During August, it grew an additional 97%.  I figured at some point this rate of acceleration has to stop.  What a bad leadership thought because of my lack of vision.  Incredibly, the month of September saw this site grow another 92%!!!  […]

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Top 10 Most Popular Posts of August 2010

August was an amazing month!  In July, we experienced 124% growth.  With such a rapid increase, I was just hoping to simply break even or slightly grow during this past month.  Well, thanks to you the readers and so many of you forwarding my posts, we grew an additional 97%!!!  I am blown away and thank […]

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Top 10 Most Popular Posts of July 2010

 [youtube=] I would like to thank everyone who took their valuable time to read this website during the month of July.  I am deeply humbled by the growth we experienced.  Readership more than doubled during the past month growing by 124%. Two main things became apparent – how much we were captivated by the LeBron James decision and how little we get […]

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Most Popular Posts of June 2010

 [youtube=] That is one of my favorite videos ever and is featured on my 5th most read post of June 2010 The Leadership Link Between Drew Brees and Nick Saban. Overall, I posted 22 posts on the subject of leadership last month.  When I make a post, it generally flows from something I am currently noticing or experiencing.  […]

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Most Popular Posts of May 2010

I want to thank everyone who took the time to read the posts I have been submitting the last month.  New strategies have been implemented  and we have had good response.  Once again, thank you and feel free to join in on the leadership conversations. The following were my 5 most read posts during the month of May.  In […]

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