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20 Practices Of Leaders Who Destroy Churches, Teams And Businesses

There are some leaders who are just toxic.  They literally destroy every relationship, department and organization they come in contact with.  No one wants to work with them.  Resources do not flow in their direction.  Dysfunction is a daily reality and constant companion.  Morale is low and production suffers.  Have you ever worked for or […]

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10 Practices Of Truly Classy Leaders

Baylor center and likely first-round selection Isaiah Austin’s dreams of professional basketball unexpectedly came to an end when he was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome.  This life-threatening condition caused Austin to have an enlarged aorta and put him at risk of dying if he continued playing. New Commissioner Adam Silver continued his stellar performance (see the Donald […]

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3 Practices Of Teams Who Are Going To Fail

Leaders often talk about indicators of success.  Those conversations are very insightful but so are the ones which identify why great organizations, great churches, and great teams fail. Recently, the San Antonio Spurs soundly defeated the Miami Heat four games to one.  ESPN statistician John McTigue wrote an article after Game 4 entitled, “What Has […]

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The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read On The Internet The Week Of June 4th

As has become a weekly tradition, the following are the best posts I read on the internet this week.  I trust they will equip, challenge, and inspire you as they did me. Durant’s Late Surge Demands Attention by J.A. Adande discusses the maturation process of a leader.  Great insights. 6 Leadership Styles, And When You Should […]

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18 Leadership Quotes From Kobe Bryant And Kevin Durant

Recently, ESPN’s Hannah Storm interviewed several NBA stars including Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. For your pleasure, I have included two great videos that showcase their transcendent talents.  The following are their quotes and insights that all leaders can learn from and apply to their areas of discipline. Kobe Bryant “It felt like putting on golden armor.” – Bryant […]

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The Top 10 Leadership Posts I Read The Week Of May 21st

This past week featured some incredible writing on the subject of leadership.  The following were my 10 favorite posts I read since Monday.  They really helped challenged me and helped improve my leadership.  Click on the links as I know they will make you a better leader as well. 8 Rules For Creating A Passionate Work […]

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