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How Do You Select A Great Leader? Here Are 39 Tips.

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Each year 32 different organizations, each worth over a billion dollars, spend tens of millions of dollars, dedicate dozens of staff, and combine thousands of hours of strategic thinking to finding the perfect leader to add to their team. These 32 billion-dollar organizations make up the National Football League and here is what these teams know […]

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10 Tips On Picking A Great Leader For Your Church Or Business

Whether you are a church, business, non-profit or athletic organization, everyone wants to select great leaders.  The sustainability of your future depends on it.  Selecting great leaders is vital to your success. The NFL Draft mesmerizes me.  The decision-making process teams go through during the selection process fascinates me.  Few events give you insight into […]

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The 10 Best Leadership Blogs I Read The Week Of April 16th

I was blown away by some of the blog posts on leadership I’ve read this week.  The following were 10 of the best in alphabetical order by author.  I read many more but I just want to expose you to as many different writers and resources week-to-week as I can.  Enjoy! Hire Slow, Fire Slow by Jenni Catron.  I […]

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A Thanksgiving Gift To All Leaders: 18 Leadership Quotes

All leaders love quotes.  Quotes inspire and challenge us while providing language that serves our teams better.  The following are some of the best insights from the past couple of months: Sporting News – September 26th Composure – “I think the biggest thing is his (Aaron Rodgers) composure.” – Donald Driver Execution – “His (Clay Matthews) ability […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Cam Newton And Leadership

Congratulations to Cam Newton on being selected by the Carolina Panthers as the top pick of this year’s NFL Draft. The following are a series of blog posts written about Newton and his leadership over the past year.  Each has been widely read and will be a valuable resource for you.  Enjoy! 10 Leadership Quotes From […]

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23 Leadership Quotes From Tim Tebow

This morning on Atlanta’s 790 The Zone, Chris Domino and Nick Cellini interviewed Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow.  Tebow discussed a wide range of topics including Urban Meyer, the revenge game against the Georgia Bulldogs, the NFL Draft, and his work with children. The following are the leadership quotes from this sports icon. “You’ve made us more proud than if you […]

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11 Leadership Principles Heading Into The NFL Draft

I LOVE the NFL Draft.  Forget the Masters and March Madness, the NFL Draft is the best, most compelling multi-day sports event on television.  Peter King, the great Sports Illustrated writer, has been providing draft news and insights leading up to next week’s event.   I think there are some great leadership insights we can take from King’s […]

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Leadership Lessons On Patience Learned From Green Bay Packer QB Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has always had to wait for his moment to shine…until now.  Rodgers understood, however, that learning how to properly leverage delayed gratification is part of becoming a champion.  Notice his journey: Not offered a scholarship coming out of high school. Played at Butte Community College for two years. After two stellar seasons at Cal, […]

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