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The 3 Types Of Feedback Great Leaders Constantly Give


If you are a regular reader of this site, you know my friend Bryan Miles is one of my favorite leaders.  Bryan and his wife Shannon are co-founders of BELAY Solutions – a virtual solutions organization. Recently the team at BELAY wrote a very insightful and practical article on The 3 Types Of Feedback Great Leaders Constantly Give. […]

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The Best Value A Leader Can Receive


There are a lot of resources available to leaders to help them get better.  The following are just a few: Live Conferences Online Conferences Podcasts Coaching Networks Webinars Online Courses These are all outstanding and I personally take advantage of many of them.  However, my friend Michael Lukaszewski recently made an interesting observation about the […]

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5 Harsh Lessons All Successful Leaders Should Know

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On October 4th, 1997, a group of whale watchers chartered a boat out of San Francisco in hopes of seeing grey or sperm whales.  After departing, the boat’s captain was notified two killer whales were spotted at the Farallon Islands about 20 miles off the coast.  Orcas are rarely seen at the Farallons so with […]

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6 Ways Great Leaders Solve Problems

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Do you want to do something great with your life?  Do you want your life to truly count?  Do you want to make your mark in this world?  I do not think any leader wants a life of mediocrity.  No leader wants to be average or insignificant.  We all want to live remarkable lives. But […]

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