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My Memories Of September 11th, 2001

We all remember where we were and the events of September 11th, 2001.  Though not dramatic, the following is my story.  I invite you to share your story as well in the comments section. I drove to work that morning thinking it was just another day at a job I couldn’t stand.  I was a manager in a call center.  […]

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30 Election Night Leadership Quotes

The following are some quotes that leaders need to learn from and apply.  I will try to keep this as non-partisan as possible and simply limited to leadership applications.  Thanks to Fox News for their coverage of the election as these quotes come from their broadcast. Independents are swinging to the Republican side. More older […]

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Rearview Mirror

Very memorable weekend. Here are some of my thoughts: Another great day at Fellowship Bible Church. Crawford Loritts delivered another life-changing message from Acts 15 on how God uses conflict. I learned a lot! Go to later this week to hear the message. Brett Favre returned to Green Bay with 4 touchdown passes and […]

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