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11 Keys To Recruiting Top Talent

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The lifeblood is any successful church, business, non-profit, or athletic organization is the ability to continually add and develop new talent.  Successful and sustainable leadership requires great recruiting. Wednesday, February 1st was National Signing Day for America’s top high school football talent.  The Ohio State Buckeyes finished with the 2nd-ranked class as judged by and one […]

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Rules Are Overrated. 21 Standards Every Church Staff, Business Or Team Must Have To Be Successful


You cannot lead the top performers in your organization simply by rules.  Top performers do not need rules.  Rather, they need guidelines.  They need standards. In his wonderful book The Gold Standard: Building A World-Class Team, Coach Mike Krzyzewski writes, “In developing teams, I don’t believe in rules.  I believe in standards.  Rules don’t promote […]

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45 Definitive Leadership Lessons From Tom Brady, Bill Belichick And The New England Patriots


The following are 45 Definitive Leadership Lessons From Tom Brady, Bill Belichick And The New England Patriots following their Super Bowl LI victory.  After reading, all business leaders and coaches should make sure you pick up my new FREE ebook The Leadership Of Nick Saban: Timeless Truths From The Incomparable Head Coach Of The Alabama Crimson […]

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59 College Football Championship Coaching Lessons From Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, Urban Meyer And Chris Peterson

On December 31st, I wrote the following – Today, the 2016 college football play-offs begin!  The four teams involved – Alabama Crimson Tide, Ohio State Buckeyes, Clemson Tigers, and Washington Huskies – each have incredible head coaches leading their respective programs.  Earlier today, ESPN College Gameday gave an in-depth look at each game as well […]

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16 Lessons On How To Choose Between 2 Qualified Leadership Candidates

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All successful organizations had a healthy leadership pipeline.  Having a deep bench of qualified personnel when leadership position opens up provides continuity and sustainability to an organization. The reason you have such a pipeline is you have likely spent a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources investing in your personnel.  But an interesting challenge […]

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Free Ebook On The Coaching Brilliance Of Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

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Fox Sports’ Joe Klatt once made an interesting observation.  He said and I’m paraphrasing, “We are wasting Nick Saban on coaching.  He needs to be doing something like running for president.”  What Joe was saying is Nick’s philosophy of leadership, organizational capabilities, personnel development, commitment to excellence, and legendary “Process” are at historic levels and […]

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11 Signs Your Church Or Business Has A Toxic Leadership Culture

Are you thinking or feeling you are part of an unhealthy leadership culture at your church, business, non-profit or athletic organization?  Are there are series of warning signs or indicators your working environment has become toxic?  A unified leadership team is critical to any organization’s success. Recently Albert Breer of The Monday Morning Quarterback broke […]

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