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5 Leadership Lessons From The NBA Draft

Three of the most uneventful hours in television have become the annual NBA Draft.  That’s sad because for years it was one of my favorite events of the year.  However, with so many players coming out early who are unknown and unprepared, the drama of the draft has all but diminished. That being said, we can still take away […]

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Most Popular Posts of May 2010

I want to thank everyone who took the time to read the posts I have been submitting the last month.  New strategies have been implemented  and we have had good response.  Once again, thank you and feel free to join in on the leadership conversations. The following were my 5 most read posts during the month of May.  In […]

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How Bad Teams Become Great – Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we looked at three NFL ( teams who had an exceptional season sandwiched between two disappointing ones.  The objective of these posts is to identify the success links that these teams had in common needed to produce that great season and are necessary for our organizations to have a much-needed performance spike. Six links […]

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How Bad Teams Become Great – Part 1

In November 2009 I wrote two posts on Why Good Teams Go Bad ( which was a study of NFL ( teams that were 13-3 or better one year and experienced a losing record the next. What was interesting was that three of those teams had losing records prior to the one great year.  In other words – a bad season, then a great […]

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5 Things I Think About The NBA Playoffs & Leadership

As we head into the NBA Finals on Thursday, I can’t wait for this series.  There are so many historically compelling story lines.  I love the emotional intensity in which the Celtics play with and how that will contrast against the skillful poetry of the Lakers triangle offense.  As we approach the conclusion of these playoffs, […]

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Adding Leaders: Insights from the 2010 Kansas City Chiefs Draft

On Monday, April 26th in Peter King’s great column Monday Morning QB ( he noted that five of the seven Kansas City Chief 2010 draft picks were captains of the college teams. They were: Eric Berry of the Tennessee Volunteers who was also the best defensive player in the draft not named Suh. Dexter McCluster […]

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