Free Leadership eBooks

I attend a large number of popular Christian conferences. The Ebook below is a compilation of the best leadership thoughts and insights from events I attended this past year.  This resource will be an invaluable tool you will want to pass on to the other Christian, business, sports, and non-profit leaders in your sphere of influence. Simply click here or the image below to download your FREE resource.

 Leaders love quotes!  They clarify what we are thinking.  We use them to help us communicate better.  Quotes are an invaluable resource.  Therefore, I have put together a special edition eBook entitled “151 Leadership Quotes: Timeless Truths That Will Make You A Better Leader.” Click the link or image below to receive your FREE copy.  This will be a tool you re-visit over and over!

I am also honored to offer my first eBook – to receive this FREE resource click The 2011 Year In Movies – Leadership Edition.  Leaders see leadership in everything.  Therefore, my goal for this eBook is not only to entertain you with my thoughts from last year’s films, but also provide a different perspective or grid in which you will view movies moving forward.  Enjoy!


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