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21 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Thor: Ragnarok


Marvel Entertainment just keeps delivering one incredible movie after another.  Coming off earlier-2017 smash hits Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 and Spider Man: Homecoming, the third installment of the Thor franchise arrived this past weekend. In Thor: Ragnarok, the Asguardian super-hero, played by Chris Hemsworth, must escape a fiery prison, win a gladiator contest against […]

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The Top 10 Leadership Skills Of Stay-At-Home Moms

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Many people think to be a leader you must have a group of people “under you”.  We need a fundamental shift in our thinking of what a leader is.  Leadership is not about position.  It is about influence.  Leaders do not need people “under them” to have tremendous influence. The top influencer in my life other than Jesus […]

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9 Lessons For Self-Absorbed Leaders

Bc it’s bigger than you — Bryce Petty (@b_petty14) November 3, 2017 Bryce Petty’s Twitter profile says, “Jesus won so we could lose, Jesus succeeded so we could fail 1 Peter 5:6-7”  Bryce is a Christian.  He is a leader.  Many people know him as one of the most successful quarterbacks in Baylor’s history […]

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The Top 18 Books Christian Leaders Need To Read In 2018

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The Christmas shopping season will soon be upon us!  In an effort to help you know what to purchase for the Christian leader in your life, I want to provide you a plethora of quality resources to choose from. Leaders are readers.  Therefore, you can never go wrong with books.  The books listed below provide […]

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23 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Nick Saban, James Franklin, Mark Richt And Others

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The world of sports provides leaders some of their greatest leadership insights.  Sports requires teamwork, preparation, coaching, effort, people skills, overcoming adversity, continual improvement and dealing with winning and losing.  Most importantly, sports provides immediate feedback and measurable results.  Sports is not subjective.  Someone either wins and loses. 23 Leadership Quotes And Lessons From Nick […]

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5 Things Affected By Disorganized Leaders


As a leader, do you ever feel like things are out of control or you don’t have your arms around anything?  Is the process of solving problems like putting your fingers in a dam only for new leaks to take place.  Much of this stress is usually the result of disorganization.  For help in solving […]

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Complete Content Listing From The Vision 2017 Roundtable

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As a member of INJOY Stewardship Solutions, I was able to attend the much anticipated Vision 2017 Pastors Roundtable in Newport News, VA.  The theme for this event centers around how churches can raise funds during uncertain economic times. It was an incredible days of content.  All in attendance got better as leaders.  All pastors and Christian leaders […]

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