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The Best Value A Leader Can Receive


There are a lot of resources available to leaders to help them get better.  The following are just a few: Live Conferences Online Conferences Podcasts Coaching Networks Webinars Online Courses These are all outstanding and I personally take advantage of many of them.  However, my friend Michael Lukaszewski recently made an interesting observation about the […]

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16 Marks Of Effective Servant Leadership

<a href="">johnhain</a> / Pixabay

On Saturday, March 11th I had the privilege of speaking to approximately 90 cadets, administrators, officers, and volunteers at the 2017 The King’s Academy Military Ball.  What made this event special is King’s has the nation’s first homeschool JROTC program. The unit’s leader, Colonel Rick Stepat asked me to speak to the subject of servant […]

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5 Things That Can Kill Your Church In 2017


David Walters, Senior Pastor of The Vine in Atlanta says, “If you want to see anything wreck a movement of God, mismanage your money.”  Having a money management scandal blindside your church means more than just lost dollars.  It means that you’ve now got the massive task of rebuilding trust with your staff, your members, […]

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