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LeBron James Chose To Be Unpopular…And We Love Him For It

Americans love villains.  It was a very famous movie villain, A Few Good Men’s Col. Nathan Jessup, who said “Deep down in places we don’t talk about at parties you want me on that wall!  You need me on that wall!”  Well, you’re wrong Col. Jessup.  We don’t mind talking about it at all. Last week, LeBron James did […]

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LeBron’s Economic Impact on Cleveland & 8 Lessons Leaders Should Learn

In these difficult economic times, it is understandable the angst that the community of Cleveland is currently feeling as a result of LeBron James’ decision to take his basketball talents to the Miami Heat.  This already economically depressed region is losing a lynchpin to any future financial vitality.  The following is the economic impact of LeBron’s departure as reported […]

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Top 15 Reasons Why LeBron Wishes He Would Have Stayed In Cleveland

With all the emotion surrounding LeBron James’ decision to sign with the Miami Heat, I thought it would be therapeutic for all of us to take a light-hearted look at what he would be thinking if he reconsidered and decided to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Quicken Loans just turned me down for that new home loan in Miami. […]

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Where LeBron SHOULD Go and What Leaders SHOULD Know

Thursday evening on ESPN the top NBA free agent LeBron James will decide where he spends the next 3-6 years of his pro basketball career.  He will choose one of the following six teams listed in alphabetical order: Chicago Bulls Hometown Cleveland Cavaliers Los Angeles Clippers Miami Heat New Jersey Nets New York Knicks Most people […]

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Leadership Lessons From Monday Morning Quarterback Part 2

Yesterday I posted the first six leadership lessons from the final chapter of Peter King’s great book Monday Morning Quarterback.  As promised, the following is Part 2 which contains six additional leadership lessons I gleaned from that chapter. There are Perks to Leadership and There is a Price to Leadership – “I’m 26 years old, I just […]

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Best Practices Of Leadership From Top NFL Leaders Part 1

This past Father’s Day, I received as a gift Sports Illustrated Peter King’s book Monday Morning Quarterback.  Like many NFL fans, Peter is my favorite football writer and his weekly online column by the same name is my must read of each week. It had a few too many personal chapters for my taste though they are extraordinarily written.  My two favorite chapters […]

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